Life insurance comparison

Life insurance

Yearly life insurance -25% this Friday!

You should think about getting life insurance if:

  • You have close ones whose economic well-being depends on your income;
  • You have loan commitments;
  • You haven’t had time to save up enough money to be able to live without income for a whole year.

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In case of an agreement subject to risk assessment (if the application has been submitted on 24 November), the agreement should signed by 31 January 2018, at the latest, to receive a discount. If the application has been submitted before 24 November, the agreement should be signed on 24 November 2017 to receive a discount.

Which insurance to choose?

Calculator helps to specify Your insurance needs. Insurance sum should cover your annual salary and/or obligations.

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Life insurance

Covers for the loss of income of a close one.

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Life insurance plus

Compensates for the loss of income, covers major liabilities, and other expenses.

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Loan insurance and Loan payment insurance

Helps to repay the loan in the event of no work ability or death.

Sum insured 14 184 €
The amount changes every year on the basis of the average monthly salary in Estonia.
From 20 000 € From 3000 €
The contract can be entered into by 18-50 years 18-69 years 18-69 years
Life insurance cover
No work ability cover  
Cover of temporary incapacity for work    
Trauma insurance    
Unemployment cover    
Double cover in case of traffic accident    
Discounts   10% healthy lifestyle discount. Discount of up to 25% based on the sum insured.
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Monthly insurance payment From 9,46 € From 5,75 €
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Loan insurance (life insurance cover along with supplementary insurance cover in the case of no work ability) is offered by Swedbank Life Insurance SE.
Loan payment protection insurance (cover of temporary incapacity for work and unemployment cover) is provided by Swedbank P&C Insurance AS.

You have additional questions? Please contact us.

  • Insurance claims handling
  • 888 2111 (24h)

In the case of an insured event, please notify us either personally or via a family member at the earliest opportunity. The services are provided by Swedbank P&C Insurance AS and Swedbank Life Insurance SE. Liivalaia 12, Tallinn 15039