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Your home will belong to you or your close ones for generations with the loan protection insurance as in the event of your no work ability or death caused by an accident or a disease, your insurance will pay your loan back.

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  Credit-life insurance Credit-life insurance + loan payment protection insurance
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* Insurance payments in calculator are not final and can change after finishing underwriting process. Monthly payment for life insurance cover increases together with age and decreases when loan balance and sum insured decreases.

Based on the life sum insured, you can get a 25% discount on payment for life and the case of no work ability cover. 10% - it applies because sum insured is in the range 50 000 - 74 999.

Life insurance:
No work ability:
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Do I need to insure my loan?

All home loan clients should consider credit-life insurance and loan payment protection insurance. A loan is an obligation and for each borrower it is important that the loan taken would not become a burden for themselves or their close ones, if the borrower cannot repay it.

Credit-life insurance guarantees that your loan will be repaid in the case of no work ability or death. Insurance cover decreases with the loan balance and the indemnity is paid to the bank.
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Loan payment protection insurance helps you pay monthly loan repayments if you lose your job or become incapacitated for work. The insurance premium depends on the monthly loan repayment and the indemnity will be paid to you.
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What is the amount of the sum insured that should be selected?

The sum insured up to three annual salaries. We recommend a sum insured that covers the whole loan amount. In such case you will have security that if your life ends because of an accident or disease or if you suffer serious case of no work ability, Swedbank Life Insurance SE shall pay back your loan. If necessary, you can also choose a smaller amount than your loan balance or insure the loan only in part.

If you have insured your loan, inform you close ones
Please be sure to inform your close ones of entry into the contract. This indicates that you care for them and, in addition, they can immediately notify the insurer of the occurrence of a possible insured event.


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Please read the terms and conditions of the contract before you sign the contract and consult an expert if necessary. Loan insurance (life cover with permanent incapacity for work) is offered by Swedbank Life Insurance SE. Loan payment protection insurance (cover for temporary loss of work with unemployment cover) is offered by Swedbank P&C Insurance AS.