Credit Cover

If you cherish financial safety, you have what to insure

Opt for greater security in meeting your everyday financial obligations

  • Credit Cover insures your credit card repayments should you unexpectedly lose your job or fall ill.
  • You only pay insurance premiums if you use your credit card limit.

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What is Credit Cover?

  • You can be sure that the used credit limit can be repaid in case of unexpected unemployment or incapacity for work.
  • Credit Cover will help discharging credit card liabilities, if you should lose your job or stay on sick leave for more than 30 days in case of illness or suffering a trauma.
  • You will be charged for insurance only if the credit card limit is used.
  • We will reimburse 5% a month of the used credit for up to 12 months. In case of payment of final 12 insurance indemnity, total remaining amount of used credit limit will be paid out.
  • Unemployment cover shall take effect 90 days after the entry info force of the insurance contract.

For example: Rivo’s story

Rivo was working as a sales manager. The future seemed bright and he had been promised a significant raise in the near future. He was spending more as a result, buying himself some new furniture. But he was in for an unpleasant surprise when the director announced that they would be merging with another company – and that Rivo was to be made redundant. The only good thing about the situation was that Rivo had had the foresight to sign a Credit Cover contract.

The credit limit Rivo had used up on the day he was told that he was to be made redundant was 500 euros. The monthly compensation rate indicated in his policy is 5%. Over 11 months, his insurance company will pay him 25 euros per month. If he hasn’t found a job by the end of the year, the company will pay him the additional 225 euros in the 12th month.


Credit cover is offered by Swedbank P&C Insurance AS.

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