Young people and students

Did you know that Swedbank offers young people everything they need?

  • Perform your everyday operations in our new app.
  • The largest ATM and branch network across Estonia.
  • From 01.11.2019, intra-bank payments, domestic payments and European payments made in euros in our new app our in our Internet Bank will be free of charge for customers up to 25 years of age.
  • A card with contactless payment features - Apple Pay, Garmin Pay, Fitbit Pay and mobile contactless payments for Android smartphone users.

Best cards for young people

  1. ISIC Student Card
    If you would like to link your student and bank card, ISIC is the best solution for you. It allows you to make use of thousands of discounts in Estonia and abroad, while functioning as a bank card that you can use for online shopping and making quick contactless payments. The monthly fee for the card is 0.32 euros. Find out more
  2. Debit Card Plus
    Debit Card Plus with the contactless payment option is an ideal choice if you like to travel or shop online. The monthly fee for this multifunctional card is 0 euros for 6 to 19-year-olds, and 0.32 euros for 20 to 25-year-olds. Find out more
  3. Revolving credit card
    If you need some spare money for travelling or making larger unforeseen purchases, we offer those up to 25 years of age a purchase insurance and credit card with a up to 30-day interest-free period and no monthly fee. Find out more

This perfect pair allows you to:

  • prove your student status;
  • do online shopping;
  • use the contactless payment option;
  • ostelda e-poodides;
  • perform everyday banking operations in our new app.

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  • The most secure and convenient way of using the Mobile Bank is with a mobile ID.
  • Smart ID allows you to identify yourself in mere seconds and is free of charge.
  • Try it yourself and then you realise why it is the best way of using the bank.

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Your money matters in the Mobile Bank 24/7

Have you already started using the Mobile Bank to arrange your daily money matters quickly and conveniently? The Mobile Bank is in your pocket or handbag every day at all times.

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First big decisions

If you are planning to make big decisions in your independent life, or dreaming of your own home or car, you will get everything you need from us. Read more about your options and use various loan calculators. If you would like to know more about something, we are always here for you. Come and see us for advice!

Your first major purchase

Maybe you have a good plan, but lack the funds? Want to buy a new gadget, need a new washing machine or go on an adventure?

Your first home

Are you dreaming of your very own home where everything matches your wishes and tastes?

Your first car

If you’re looking to buy your first car, be it used or new, apply for car leasing from us.

Your first company

Set your business plans in motion and ask any company-related questions by calling our Business Clients Consultation Centre at 613 2222.

Student loan helps you study

  • A student loan with a state guarantee helps you cover the costs of studying either in Estonia or abroad.
  • Entry into the Student Loan Agreement is free of charge and the interest rate is just 5% per annum.
  • In 2019/2020 the maximum amount of the student loan is 2500 euros per borrower.

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When you are starting out on your own, it can be difficult to put money on the side or save up, but the amounts don’t have to be large at first. Putting aside small amounts would suffice. By getting in the habit of saving, you will feel much more confident in facing challenges or planning on making a larger purchase or trip.

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Check out the Institute for Finances

  • Dedicate yourselves alongside Swedbank
    Swedbank welcomes you with inspiring people and an exciting career. We value diversity, continuous development and working for a greater purpose. Vacant positions
  • Field training
    Are you eager to complement your lecture room knowledge with real experience and see what the world of banking looks like from the inside? Then do an internship at Swedbank! Read more

What we stand for

  • For us, social participation means that we support and actively take part in various initiatives that foster Estonian society. In addition to financial support, we also contribute our time, knowledge and skills.
  • The higher the financial literacy of people, the more informed choices they can make every day. That’s why we support the following initiatives: Back to School Initiative ja Youth to School.
  • The key to a successful state is entrepreneurial people. Therefore, we support active people in realising their ideas. That’s why we support the following initiatives: Prototron ja Bright Minds.
  • In cooperation with two large enterprises we have laid the foundation for the network of health tracks throughout Estonia, so everyone can at all times take care of their health. Find your health track.

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This month’s newsletter features the most up-to-date information and offers for young people. Our economic blog Kukkur presents relevant reading material and recommendations on getting your money matters in order.

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