How to use the Internet bank

How to use the Internet bank

You can log into the Internet bank using your ID card, Mobile ID, PIN calculator or password card. Make sure you know all the necessary passwords and codes before you log in. The most common reason why logging into the Internet bank fails is that the user ID or permanent password has been entered incorrectly.

NB! If you made a mistake for five straight times in entering the user code and/or password when entering the Internet bank, your access to the Internet bank will be blocked. To release the block, please call our customer support or contact the nearest bank branch.

If you have any problems call the Client Support Hotline for help: 6 310 310.

If logging in has failed

Please make sure that you entered your user code and passwords correctly, and that the keys "Caps Lock" or "Num Lock" are not pressed on the keyboard. Also make sure that the language choice on the keyboard is standard.

  • ID card Make sure that the ID card has been properly inserted into the card reader and that the ID card programme works. Close the browser and open it again.
    Additional information on ID card page
  • Mobile ID Please make sure that you entered Mobiil-ID PIN1 code, and not ID-card PIN1 code. If the verification code sent to your mobile phone differs from the code that you see on the screen, please call the customer support immediately.
    Additional information on Mobiil-ID page
  • Password Card Make sure that you are using the correct password card and that you have entered the correct password in the password field.
  • PIN Calculator If the PIN calculator was damaged or the battery is empty (calculator screen displays zeros, calculator does not react to pressed buttons or generates incorrect passwords), please contact a branch to replace the calculator and produce the calculator and identification document.
    Additional information on PIN calculator page

Frequently asked questions

  • Which means of authentication is the safest?

    ID card, Mobile ID and PIN calculator are the safest means of authentication. We recommend the ID card and Mobile ID, because they are easy to use and the safest means of authentication. A PIN calculator is equally safe. Password cards can be easily copied, which is why they cannot be considered a particularly safe means of authentication.
  • How do I find the full service price list?

    The full price list can be found on the private client homepage after selecting Prices and Rates under Useful.
  • How do I find the EURIBOR?

    Euribor can be found on the private client homepage after selecting Loan and Leasing Interest Rates under Prices and Rates on the Useful page.
  • How do I find IBAN and SWIFT/BIC codes?

    You can find the codes when you select International Settlements under Payments on the Everyday Banking page. Information about the international bank account number or IBAN can be found on the International Settlements page alongside the reference to the IBAN calculator. You will find the SWIFT codes when you click on the link to the List of Correspondent Banks at the bottom of the International Settlements page.
  • How can I change my Internet bank settings and contact details?

    Settings and contact details can be found under May Bank on the private client homepage. You can change your contact details and permanent password and define new Internet bank settings under My contacts and settings.
  • What is the donation environment?

    suitable amounts. The donation environment can be found on the Corporate Social Responsibility page.
    Further information is available on the donation environment page

Banking glossary

Take a look at our little banking glossary if you are not sure about the meaning of certain banking terms. It gives you explanations of the most commonly used terms. The terms are listed in alphabetic order.