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Client data processing

Client data mean any information known to the bank about its clients – the client’s name, personal identification code, contact details, bank transaction details. You can change your data on the Settings page in the Internet bank. You have the right to demand that the bank stop processing your data or delete the data it has gathered about you if this is prescribed by the Personal Data Protection Act or any other legal act.

Principles of Processing Client Data
Client data can be accessed only by employees with relevant training, who have the right to process the data only in the extent required for performance of the employee's duties.

We disclose client data with the client’s consent

We disclose client data to third parties only if the client has given their relevant consent either in a contract or in any other manner. We disclose data without the client’s consent only if such disclosure is demanded on the basis of law.

We may disclose data to:

  • Companies belonging in the Swedbank Group.
  • Credit institutions who have a significant shareholding in Swedbank.
  • Persons associated with the performance of contracts made with clients (e.g. sureties, international card organisations, providers of communications, printing and postal services).
  • Database managers to whom we are obligated to provide information pursuant to law or a contract (e.g. AS Krediidiinfo). In such cases we only disclose information related to the client’s financial obligations or arrears.
  • To third parties if clients are in breach of their contracts. In such cases we only disclose information related to the breach of contract.

If you require more information about client data processing, please call our Client Helpline at 6 310 310 or e-mail us at>

Client data processing

We only request our clients to provide the minimum data we require for achievement of the goals of data processing. We demand that the companies who cooperate with us in data processing adhere to our rules of storing client data.

Use of data:

  • Sending account statements to clients according to contracts.
  • Giving client data to courts in order to protect our rights that have been violated or disputed.
  • Bank offers – we send our clients special offers made by both Swedbank and companies belonging in the Swedbank Group. We also send offers made by our good partners to our clients. A partner does not gain access to client data if the client has not expressed any specific interest in the goods or services of the partner. Clients may contact us at any time to advise us that they no longer wish to receive any personal offers.
  • Swedbank must submit data to investigative bodies, notaries public and the Tax Board pursuant to law.

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