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Young people and students

Make your life easier!

  • Bank card and transfers for free*
  • Mobile and smartwatch contactless payments
  • Easy Saver for accumulate savings without even noticing it
  • My budget to have control over your expenses
  • Many great discounts
  • Investment as a gift when turning 18

* A bank card is free of charge until you turn 20. Transfers are for free until you turn 26.

Payments made easier

Pay for your everyday purchases faster without looking for your wallet – simply use your mobile phone or watch! In addition, you won’t need to enter your PIN when making payments of up to €50, since security is guaranteed when you unlock your smartphone or watch prior to paying.

How to add bank cards and make payments?

  • For Android see instructions here or watch a video
  • For iPhone see instructions here or watch a video
  • For Garmin, Fitbit or Xiaomi smartwatches see instructions here

Easy Saver is a smart and free solution that uses a round-up feature: an amount equivalent to the difference between the purchase amount and the next full euro will be transferred to your Easy Saver account. For example, if you pay €2.65, then €0.35 will be added to your savings in Easy Saver.

Watch this video to see how Easy Saver works.

Our app makes it so much easier for you to request money from your friends. Simply send them a payment link using a text message, e-mail or instant message on WhatsApp or Messenger.

Watch this video to see how money requests work.

Young people up to the age of 25 have the opportunity to benefit from favourable offers from our partners.

Read more about the offers of all Swedbank’s partners here.

You are 18 years old? To celebrate this special occasion, we have an awesome gift for you. We will make you an investor! We would like to present you with the gift of Swedbank Robur Access Edge Global fund units worth 20 €.

What are fund units and how to get this gift? Find out more from our gift page.

The gift is for 18-year-old Swedbank clients. If you are not our customer yet, can become one here.

Accepting the gift is easy:

  • Take a look around on gift page;
  • Accept the gift on that same page.

As part of the process, we will open a new securities account for you along with a current account that you can use as an investment account (if you have any questions about why these are needed, take a look at the mentioned gift page above). Fund units will appear in your portfolio within two weeks.

Read more about terms and conditions

Investing will help you secure a good future. The earlier you start, the greater the chance that you will be able to grow more money. Investing does not necessarily require large amounts, you can also invest regularly with as little as 1 euro.

I Investing with us is a good choice because:

  • Buying, selling, exchanging, and holding the Swedbank Robur funds is free of charge – invest at least one euro at a time.
  • Trading and holding Baltic stocks costs nothing.
  • Holding other foreign securities with a total value of up to 100,000 euros in the account is also free of charge.
  • Fees are included in trading on U.S. and other European stock exchanges. In this case, transaction fees start from 9.90 euros.

How to start investing

  • If your parent is a Swedbank customer, ask them to fill in an online application to open an account. Then they don’t have to come to the branch and can conveniently sign contracts in the Internet bank.
  • If your parent is not a Swedbank customer, ask them to book a time and come to the branch to open an account.
  • From the age of 7, an identity document (passport or ID card) is required to open an account.

You can open an account online or at a Swedbank branch. Opening an account online is very convenient for you: just fill in the questionnaire, make a video call with our employee and we will give you further instructions.

To open an account at the branch, please book a time in advance.

Unlike a debit card, the credit card comes with the possibility to use additional funds from the bank. Repay the spent amount on time and you won’t be charged any interest. All credit cards provide purchase insurance and the travel insurance included with the Gold Credit Card will be great support when exploring the world.

Debit Card Plus

Debit Card Plus

ISIC Mastercard Student Card src=

ISIC Mastercard Student Card

Revolving credit card src=

Revolving credit card

Gold credit card src=

Gold credit card

A card for convenient everyday payments. A bank card, student card, and Public Transport Card all in one including various discounts. The best choice for shopping and everyday needs. Explore the world with included travel insurance.
Card opening fee 0EUR* 6,33EUR
Monthly fee 0EUR (6–19 years)
0,32EUR (20–25 years)
0,32EUR 0EUR (up to 25 years) Afterwards 1,59 € 0EUR for the first 6 months** Afterwards 5,99 €
Card renewal 0EUR 6,33EUR 0EUR 0EUR
Contactless payment option
Credit limit

From 300EUR

From 1000EUR

Interest-free period

Up to 30 days

Up to 40 days

Purchase insurance
Travel insurance
Find out more Find out more Find out more Find out more

The information (in the table/above) may be different from the terms offered to you.

You can find the price list of debit cards here.

You can find the price list of credit cards here.

*Opening the first debit card linked to your account is free of charge.

**Offer for youth segment customers aged from 18 to 25. If you have had the same type of credit card before, then the special offer is valid on the condition that at least 18 months have passed since the closure of the card agreement.

First academic studies

Student loan allows you to focus on your studies.

  • The conclusion of a student loan agreement is free of charge and the interest rate is only 1,99% annually + 6 months Euribor.
  • You can conclude a student loan agreement between 1 September and 31 May.
  • In the academic year of 2022/2023, you can take a student loan in the amount of up to €3,000.
Read more about student loan

First major purchase

You have an excellent plan, but you are short of money? Do you want to purchase a new appliance, need a washing machine or have to cover any unexpected expenses? Find out more about whether these financing options would suit you.

Special offer for youth: Small Loan contract fee of €0. To do so, use the promotional code ‘Noor’.

First independent trip

Travelling broadens your horizons, provides invaluable experiences, and creates incredible memories. It is definitely a worthwhile experience to have a spontaneous weekend trip with friends or a thoroughly planned longer holiday. To ensure that your trip would go smoothly and safely, it is wise to save some travel money and have a travel insurance.

First home

Do you dream of your own home, where everything is exactly according to your wishes and taste? Read more about which loan to choose and what the application conditions are. Are you interested in the maximum sum you could borrow from the bank? Check from the calculator.

Discount on home loan or home equity loan agreement fee up to 30%.

Special offer for youth: Home Small Loan contract fee of €0. To do so, use the promotional code ‘Noor’.

First car

If you want to buy your first car, either used or new, ask us for an offer. To enjoy a car ride with peace of mind, you should also take our traffic insurance and casco insurance with a wide cover.

For you as our young client! The Car loan contract fee is 0 €! To do so, use the promotional code „Noor“.

First business

If you have a good business idea that you want to implement, we will support you in every way. With us, you can conveniently perform daily operations on digital channels, in addition, you can use various contactless payment options. You can find a useful overview of setting up a company on the Enterprise Estonia website.

How to start saving?

For many people, saving and raising money might be a tough challenge, so we encourage you to read the following recommendations. This will make it easier for you to save money.

There are different ways to save

Set a clear goal

A specific goal motivates you to save a certain amount.

Make a plan

Calculate how much money you need to set aside each month to reach your goal.

Separate savings from the amounts spent daily

By doing so, there is no risk of spending money on spontaneous purchases.

Do not underestimate coins

Start collecting in small steps and save the returned coins separately.

Planning your budget

80/20 rule

Spend only 80% of the money you receive and save the remaining 20%. Use the 80/20 rule when planning your budget. Divide your income into at least two categories:

Expenses – 80% of the budget

Money you spend on a daily basis (e.g. lunch at school, sweets, magazines, etc.).

Savings – 20% of the budget

Money spent on more expensive things (e.g. smartphone, jeans, university tuition, etc.).

Saving helps you achieve the desired goals and provides confidence

Upon starting your independent life, it can be difficult to save money at first, but if you create a habit of saving, you will feel much more confident in case of any unexpected expenses. This way you can also prepare for bigger purchases or trips.

One way to save money conveniently is to use the Easy Saver. The amount of each card payment is rounded to the nearest full euro and the difference is transferred to your Easy Saver, so the more you pay with your Swedbank card, the more money will be transferred to your Easy Saver account. If you wish so, you can turn it on or off at any time and withdraw the saved money, if necessary.

Save for the future and benefit from your finances

Give your savings a chance to grow and invest regularly for the future. Starting with investments is easier than you think, and it doesn’t always require large sums, you can start even by 1 euro!

We have favourable conditions to start investing:

  • holding all securities in a securities account is free of charge*;
  • trading with the Baltic shares on the Internet Bank is free of charge;
  • keeping Swedbank’s funds in a securities account and making transactions with them on the Internet Bank is free of charge.

*Free storage for a portfolio of up to €30,000.

Distinguishing between wishes and needs

How do you know which things are the ones you really need and which you just wish to have? Try the following tip.

Divide your purchases into different categories (entertainment, food, etc.).

Usually, a need is something you cannot live without. Wishes, in turn, are everything else that do not fit under your needs.

It is generally said that you should spend about 50% of your income on needs and about 30% on wishes. If your current expenses do not meet this rule, you should review your categories or reduce your spending in both categories. You should be able to set 20% of your income aside.

When managing everyday finances, you must definitely think about security as well.

  • Always keep your card and PIN in a secure place.
  • Be sure to check the transaction amount before entering the PIN.
  • Make sure no one sees your PIN during payment.
  • When paying, always pay attention to the transaction.
  • Always set a screen lock and use it.
  • Use a different password for each website.
  • Use strong passwords that you remember.
  • Do not open emails from strangers.
  • Download apps only from official stores.
  • Do not disclose your personal information online.
  • Do not open suspicious websites.

If you decide to sign a legal document (e.g. a sports club membership agreement):

  • Read the entire document carefully.
  • Make sure you understand everything. If necessary, feel free to ask for more information.
  • After signing the contract, ask for or save a copy.
  • Please note that the provisions of the agreement are binding on you.
Payments and security

Check out the tips and tricks below to help you manage your daily finances more consciously

Try My budget that helps you keep track of your monthly expenses.

My budget allows you:

  • to view all transactions in one place;
  • to get an overview of your expenses by category;
  • to know on what you spend in order to make it easier for you to save.

To ensure that your wishes and the options provided by the bank would match, it is important to ensure that your credit history is positive. This will also be checked if you apply for a loan. You can consciously create a positive credit history yourself by demonstrating a sense of responsibility and reliability as you manage your finances. For example, you always make your credit card or student loan payments on time.

It is also important to know what activities may ruin your positive credit history. Ill-considered decisions and choices show a lack of planning skills and shortcomings in financial education. Read the article from Kukkur on what to avoid to keep your credit history in order.

Look here what to consider before taking a loan

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