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  • You can take care of all your money matters using our Youth Card and all the discounts it provides.
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The Youth Card – More Secure than Cash

  • For young people aged 6–25
  • Keeps your pocket money safe
  • Daily and monthly limits set by parents for young children
  • Discounts all over Estonia

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Reward Points – Amazing Gifts Just for You

Every payment you make using your Youth Card earns you reward points. You can use these points to order discounted bank services and all sorts of gifts, or bring a little happiness into someone else’s life by making a donation.

You don’t have to do anything special to earn the points – simply use your bankcard to pay for purchases rather than using cash.

  • You earn points with every card payment..
  • €20 = 1 point
  • You can order one fantastic gift per month.

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