ISIC MasterCard® Student Card

  • Use contactless payment
  • It serves as proof of your student status anywhere in the world.
  • It allows you to make payments online.
  • ISIC discounts are available in Estonia and abroad.

Right now is the best and most exciting time in your life to explore and try out new things. Swedbank has something irreplaceable to offer you for the most exciting years of your life – the internationally recognised ISIC MasterCard Student Card. You’ll also find great offers and cool competitions on our Facebook page. Keep your eyes open!

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Reward Points – Amazing Gifts Just for You

Every payment you make using your Youth Card earns you reward points. You can use these points to order discounted bank services and all sorts of gifts, or bring a little happiness into someone else’s life by making a donation.

You don’t have to do anything special to earn the points – simply use your bankcard to pay for purchases rather than using cash.

  • You earn points with every card payment..
  • €20 = 1 point
  • You can order one fantastic gift per month.

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Välismaale õppima

Silmaringi avardamine on tänapäeval lihtsam kui kunagi varem. Võimalusi välismaal õppimiseks on lõputult. Sinu vanemad võisid neist vaid unistada, Sinu jaoks on see nüüd käeulatuses.

Kui tead, mida tahad õppida, ja oled ka kooli välja valinud, uuri järele, kuidas õpinguid rahastada.

Oleme koostanud ka erilised nõuanded (PDF), millele peaksid tähelepanu pöörama, enne kui välismaale suundud. Samas tulevad need ka siis kasuks, kui lihtsalt välismaal viibid.

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