Safe, simple and user-friendly daily banking!

Life experience is something to be proud of. To our customers aged 65 and over, we offer:

  • Safe and user friendly daily banking services.
  • Advice and support in digital banking.
  • Special pricing and benefits.

Everything you need for seamless and comfortable daily banking experience.

We are there for you – everywhere

In Swedbank we strive to provide secure and user friendly daily banking that you can always rely on.

  • Easily accessible branches in each county.
  • Consultation Centre ready to help you night or day.
  • The widest ATM network in Estonia.
  • In addition to ATMs, cash-out in COOP stores and Olerex stations.
  • Most advanced Internet and mobile banking solutions.
  • Debit and credit cards, loans, insurances, investment and saving solutions – all from your home bank.
Digital banking made easy

The fastest and most convenient banking experience is by using our Internet and mobile banking solutions.

  • Internet bank is always open and free of charge.
  • With smartphone you can manage daily banking anytime anywhere.
  • Your account and savings are protected by personal and secure authentication methods.
  • Convenient e-invoices and standing orders – never forget to pay your bills.
  • Our 24/7 Consultation Centre is always ready to guide you through digital banking.
Special pricing
  1. Home insurance 15% off

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  2. Contactless Debit Card Plus with discount 0,32 €/month

    • Safer than cash – even if you lose your bank card, your money will be safe.
    • Card payments are available everywhere in Estonia and also worldwide.
    • Contactless payments are easy, fast and safe.
    • By using the card you collect Reward Program points that can be exchanged for discounts and gifts.
  3. Intrabank money transfers are free of charge.
  4. Money transfers in ATMs are free of charge.
  5. PIN calculator with discount 7 €.