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Safe, simple and user-friendly daily banking!

Life experience is something to be proud of. To our customers aged 65 and over, we offer:

  • Safe and user friendly daily banking services.
  • Advice and support in digital banking.
  • Special pricing and benefits.

Everything you need for seamless and comfortable daily banking experience.

We are there for you – everywhere

In Swedbank we strive to provide secure and user friendly daily banking that you can always rely on.

  • Easily accessible branches in each county.
  • Consultation Centre ready to help you night or day.
  • The widest ATM network in Estonia.
  • In addition to ATMs, cash-out in COOP stores and Olerex stations.
  • Most advanced Internet and mobile banking solutions.
  • Debit and credit cards, loans, insurances, investment and saving solutions – all from your home bank.
Digital banking made easy

The fastest and most convenient banking experience is by using our Internet and mobile banking solutions.

  • Internet bank is always open and free of charge.
  • With smartphone you can manage daily banking anytime anywhere.
  • Your account and savings are protected by personal and secure authentication methods.
  • Convenient e-invoices and standing orders – never forget to pay your bills.
  • Our 24/7 Consultation Centre is always ready to guide you through digital banking.
Special pricing
  1. Home insurance 15% off

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  2. Contactless Debit Card Plus with discount 0,32 €/month

    • Safer than cash – even if you lose your bank card, your money will be safe.
    • Card payments are available everywhere in Estonia and also worldwide.
    • Contactless payments are easy, fast and safe.
  3. Intrabank money transfers are free of charge.
  4. Money transfers in ATMs are free of charge.
  5. PIN calculator with discount 7 €.

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