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Private Banking

Swedbank Private Banking – consistent and attentive

Our administrators are professionals who will help you with your everyday money matters, investments and financing as well as in issues related to succession.

Our commitment has been recognized by the financial magazine Euromoney, which named Swedbank Private Banking the best private banking service in Estonia in 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2017.

Private Banking card

Private Banking Card

Only Private Banking clients can use a special debit card that comes with purchase insurance.

Platinum Credit Card

Platinum Credit Card is the 'creme de la creme' of credit card.

The credit card with comprehensive travel and purchase insurance for business or leisure trips abroad.

Private Portfolio- an excellent option for investing in financial markets

You can choose the investment strategy that best suits you from among the five available. The team that works in your interests selects the content on the basis of the strategy and manages it actively. You can put money in the Private Portfolio whenever you like and in any amounts you like. You can also use your money any time you need it.

Private Portfolio page

The service offered to your holding company is equally personal

We will also provide services to your companies if you want and advise you on taxes with the help of our partners. There are various options at your disposal in the management of your company’s assets: deposits, investment deposits, bonds, shares and funds. You can also use the brokerage service, including currency transactions via traderoom.

This consistent and attentive service awaits you if the value of your financial assets is at least €100,000 and/or whose monthly income exceeds €5,000 .

Private Wealth Portfolio Management- the pearl of our investment service.

Your securities portfolio is managed by a team of professionals, who will certainly find a suitable investment strategy for you among the 35 we offer. The selection includes investments that focus on aggressive growth as well as highly conservative options. You can get a good overview of your investments in the Internet Bank, but we will also send you a detailed monthly report about the content, status and yield of your portfolio.

In addition to our banking services, we offer You the services and consultations incollaboration with our associates hand-picked for reliability.

  • Philanthropy mattes- individual charity initiatives, establishment of foundations
  • Art advisory- purchases of individual works of art, development of collections, special events
  • Education, for you and your children- choosing the best educational establishment, career guidance, start-up support of business ideas.

The Private Wealth Management service is meant for clients whose financial assets exceed €300,000.


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