For new companies

For new companies

Discounts for new clients

  • Debit card with no monthly fees for a year.
  • Intra-bank payments in euros, outgoing domestic payments and Europe payments in the Internet Bank free of charge for a year.
  • The payment terminal -50% from the price list price for 6 months.
  • Banklink agreement fee -20%.
  • E-commerce agreement fee -50%.

It pays to be a Swedbank business client

Opening an account

To start a company, you can open a temporary bank account (i.e. a starting account) in the Company Registration Portal. To make payments and perform transactions from this account you will need to transform it into a current account at a bank branch. Once this has been done, you can start doing your everyday banking.

You can open your initial current account at any branch. So that you don’t have to stand in line and wait to open the account, let us know that you wish to open it by filling in the form below and making an appointment by calling us on 613 2222.

For companies with non residential connections we do not open the account directly at the branch. The desicion for opening the account will be made within 10 working days after submitting the necessary documents in the branch. For smooth service we kindly ask the companies with non residential connections to visit the branches listed below: In Tallinn Liivalaia and Rävala, in Pärnu Kontserdimaja, In Tartu Dorpat, In Ida-Virumaa Narva.

Account opening fees for companies with non residential connections.

To open further accounts you will not have to visit a branch - your company’s legal representative can do so in the Internet Bank using their ID card or Mobile ID.

Open new account

Documents required in order to open an account

  • The registry card of your company. This can be printed out at the bank if necessary.
  • A personal identification document (passport, driver’s licence or ID card) of the representative(s) of the company. If the representatives of your company have decided that the members of the management board may only represent the company jointly (joint right of representation), all of the members of the management board must come to the branch.
List of documents required in order to open an account

I would like to book time for opening a bank account in branch

Contact details

The Corporate Client Consultation Centre is here to help you at any time.