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Why choose Swedbank?

  • Debit card with no monthly fees for a year.
  • Intra-bank payments in euros, outgoing domestic payments and Europe payments in the Internet Bank free of charge for a year.
  • The payment terminal -50% from the price list price for 6 months.
  • E-commerce solutions without activation fee and first three months without monthly fee.
  • Save time and money through our partner offers.
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Quick payments at low fees

70% of your future customers will have an account in Swedbank, which means that money is transferred from one account to another inexpensively and in just a few moments.

Widest range of products

We have the widest and most innovative product range in Estonia. You can conduct most of your daily financial matters in the Internet and Mobile Bank. In addition, we have the largest ATM network in Estonia.

Lets grow together

We adapt our products considering the needs of your growing business. Our large market share of enterprises and the expert knowledge of different sector managers will create additional value to your business.

If you are not our private customer, you need to book an appointment to open an account in branch.
  1. If you have a Private Swedbank account and representation rights, Smart-ID, Mobile-ID or ID card, fill out the application in the internet bank.
  2. During working days from 9.00-17.00 you will be contacted within one hour, outside these times on next working day.
  3. Once the application has been reviewed and accepted you can sign the agreement digitally.

* Opening a current account is free.
* The possibility to open an account remotely is available to Swedbank’s private customers who are Estonian residents.
* In case of joint right of representation all the members of the management board must come to the branch to sign agreement.

  • You can open your initial current account free in Swedbank branch. We encourage you to book an appointment for a more convenient account opening experience.
  • To open further accounts you will not have to visit a branch - your company’s legal representative can do so in the Internet Bank using their Smart-ID, ID card or Mobile ID.
  • For companies with non-residential connections, in case all necessary documents are submitted the decision for opening the account will be made within 10 working days after paying the fee of enhanced due diligence measures.
  • To ensure a smooth service, we advise you to book an appointment in the Liivalaia or Rävala branch in Tallinn.
  • Please prepare the necessary documents for account opening.
  • The relationship between the company and the bank starts by opening a current account. This allows your company to transfer money in Euros and other currencies.
  • The corporate bank account may only be opened by the company’s board member(s).
  • In order to open an account, a personal identification document (passport, driver’s licence or ID card) of the representative(s) of the company is required. If the representatives of your company have decided that the members of the management board represent the company jointly (joint right of representation), all of the members of the management board must come to the branch.
  • The starting account is intended for making a deposit to the share capital of the company being created.
  • You can open a starting account in the Company Registration Portal.
  • Once you have entered the company to the e-Business Register, you can convert the starting account into a current account remotely or in a branch and start using it. Please book a time to covert the account in the branch.
OPENING ACCOUNTS Effective as of 01.06.2018
1. Current account
1.1 Private person
1.1.1 for Estonian and EU member state (including Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Switzerland) resident free of charge
1.1.2 for another country resident 200 EUR
1.2 Legal person
1.2.1 for a legal person registered in Estonia free of charge
1.2.2 for a legal person registered in an EU member state (except Cyprus, Luxembourg, Malta, United Kingtom) or Norway 30 EUR
1.2.3 for a legal person registered in another country (including Cyprus, Luxembourg, Malta, United Kingtom) 400EUR
1.2.4 Fee of enhanced due diligence measures (1) 200 EUR

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A convenient solution for both customer billing and the increase of sales. Reduce the cost of cash handling.

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