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At Swedbank you can take care of your money matters easily and conveniently

  • Convenient Mobile and Internet Bank.
  • The most extensive network of branches and ATMs.
  • Collect valuable rewards points when you pay by card.
  • Opening an account and ordering the first bankcard is free of charge.*
  • You can also have bank cards posted to you at home.
I wish to become a Swedbank customer

* Except ISIC MasterCard Student card.
If you are not a resident of Estonia, please go to the nearest Swedbank branch.

Opening an account

  • An account can be opened by Estonian residents and non-residents (citizens of other countries and stateless people).
  • For non-residents there has to be a link to Estonia for opening an account (such as property or a company registered in Estonia).
  • In order to make the best use of your account we also recommend ordering a debit card and Internet Bank agreement.
  • However, ordering additional services is not a pre-condition for opening an account.
  • You can take a look at the bank’s terms and conditions, price list and dispute resolution procedure on our website.
  • Looking to open an account for your company? Find out more
  • Looking to open an account for your child under 18 years of age? Find out more


We accept the following identification documents:

  • Passport of the Republic of Estonia;
  • Identity card of a citizen of an EU Member State (including Estonia), an EEA Member State or the Swiss Confederation (ID card / Digi-ID);
  • Alien’s passport of the Republic of Estonia with a valid Estonian residence permit;
  • Diplomatic passport;
  • A passport of a foreign country with a valid Estonian residence permit or visa (except for foreign countries that have entered into a visa-free regime with the Republic of Estonia);
  • A seafarer's discharge book;
  • A certificate of record of service on Estonian ships.
For a non-resident

Non-residents are citizens of other countries who do not have a long-term residence permit or who have a temporary residence permit which is issued for less than one year.

  • Very important pre-condition for opening an account for non-residents is the connection with Estonia.
  • The reason and purpose of opening the account has to be clear and sufficiently explained.
  • We’ll make the decision to open an account as soon as possible, but no later than within 10 banking days after receiving all the required documents.
  • We’ll notify the customer of the decision via channel chosen by the customer – by phone or by e-mail. If the answer is positive, we ask the customer to come to the same branch to open an account within 30 days, from the notice.
  • If the person opening the account is not a European Union resident, they will be charged for opening the account according to the price list.
Additional documents

We’ll ask from non-residents additional documents about their connection to Estonia. Connection to Estonia is:

  • studying in Estonia;
  • working in Estonia;
  • owning or renting real estate in Estonia;
  • shareholding in active Estonian company;
  • close relatives in Estonia (spouse, partner, children, parents).

We recommend you to take the original document with you when you come to apply for the account (e.g. employment contract, school certificate, marriage certificate).