Gold customers

Gold customers

Save time as a Gold customer -
and not only time

We feel that the saying ‘Time is money’ is taking on even greater importance, so we do everything we can to save our Gold customers both - time and money. We want to offer you first-rate service and professional solutions.

Gold customers earn income of at least €1800 per month or have financial assets valued at more than €35,000. The basis of this limit is twice the average Estonian salary as published by Statistics Estonia in March each year (income data as of March 2017).

Using our thousands of hours of banking experience to benefit you

You have at your disposal experienced specialists who’ll offer you comprehensive solutions that are based on your needs. To this end we’ll invite you to come in and talk to us to review your financial matters in greater detail and to discuss your plans, which we’ll of course be happy to help you with. That way you can get our experience in banking working for you.

Everyday money matters - faster

We’re constantly developing our services so that it’s as convenient as possible for our customers to carry out their everyday banking. You can have your bank cards sent to you at home, while in the Internet Bank and Mobile Bank you can amend your limits and even change the repayment dates on your loans at the press of a button.If you need to come in to a branch, as a Gold customer you can book a time. That way you’ll get whatever it is you need to do done straight away, without waiting in the queue. If you have any day-to-day issues that need resolving, you can get in touch with our dedicated Gold customer support team.

  • Gold customer support will answer any questions you have on the helpline number 1517 or via e-mail at
  • You can book a time to come in and do your banking at a branch by dialling 1517.
  • If you haven’t booked a time, simply tell the person who serves you that you’re a Gold customer. You’ll then enjoy priority service.

Offers for Gold customers

We want to offer our best customers the best prices. That’s why we offer you a range of services at a discount. We also make special offers in the Rewards programme specifically for Gold customers.

  • You can benefit from free intrabank payments in euros in the Internet Bank (with the exception of standing orders).
  • You get 20% off new home loan and car leasing agreement fees.
  • When insuring your car you can take out the broader coverage offered by elite casco insurance at the same price as standard casco insurance.
  • You get 25% off home insurance if your contents cover is at least €10,000.
  • You’ll also pay 25% less for life and loan insurance starting from €100,000 cover.

The aforementioned offers apply upon entry into new agreements. The home insurance discount does not extend to apartment and comprehensive home insurance contracts.


Gold customer support

When calling the 1517 hotline, the call rate per minute for service numbers established by your mobile operator applies. This may differ from the usual fee. For more details, contact your mobile operator.