Gold customers

As Gold customer you’ll enjoy several advantages

As Gold customer you’ll save your valuable time and get our best offers.

  • Booking time for your transactions and priority service help to arrange your money matters conveniently and quickly.
  • Special Gold customer support is ready to help you with any request.
  • Several useful offers when you insure your assets or buy new home or car.
  • You’ll find special offers in the Rewards programme specifically for Gold customers.
  • Priority

    We respect your time & make you our priority

    1. Special Golden customer support
      For any request you can get in touch with us by calling +372 613 1517, via online chat in Internet Bank, Golden Skype account or send an e-mail to us at
    2. Everyday transactions at more favorable terms
      Do your transaction wherever you are. You can benefit from free intrabank payments in euros in your Mobile and Internet Bank (with the exception of standing orders).
    3. Enjoy priority service
      You can book an appointment for your transactions at a branch in internet bank or dialing +372 613 1517 . If you haven’t booked a time, simply tell the person who serves you that you’re a Gold customer. You’ll then enjoy priority service

Digital tips


Mobile Bank is always open

In Mobile Bank you can change your bank card limits in a moment, do quick transactions and arrange your daily money matters conveniently.

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Upgrade your bank card

To shop online and pay on the go, we recommend you our contactless bank cards.

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Smart-ID makes your life easier

The most secure and convenient way of using the Mobile Bank is with a Smart-ID. It allows you to identify yourself in few seconds and is free of charge.

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Conditions of becoming Gold customer

Gold customers earn net income of at least €2000 per month or have financial assets valued at more than €35,000.

The basis of this limit is twice the average Estonian salary as published by Statistics Estonia in March each year (income data as of March 2019).

Terms and Conditions of Gold Customer Programme

Gold customer support