Safe and Secure Money Matters for Kids

For kids, being able to use their own money is a big and exciting step towards becoming a grown-up. Here you will find all the most useful tips that will help kids handle money the right way. Remind them of these tips from time to time.

10 Tips for Kids on What to Do with Money

  • Always set a little money aside for a rainy day.
  • Wherever possible, pay by card.
  • Memorise your PIN and keep it to yourself.
  • Tell your mum and dad straight away if you lose your bank card or someone steals it.
  • Tell your mum and dad straight away if an ATM doesn’t give your card back.
  • Always keep track of how much money you have.
  • Never tell others about your money matters.
  • Save your money for things you need.
  • The best place for coins is in a piggy bank.
  • Always ask your parents for advice if someone asks to borrow money.

The Youth Card – More Secure than Cash

  • For young people aged 6–25
  • Keeps your pocket money safe
  • Daily and monthly limits set by parents for young children
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