• Processing of payments during the holiday season

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  • Swedbank Estonia Q4/year-end 2016 financial results

    •Strong lending portfolio growth

    •Improved functionality in the digital channels


    Swedbank Estonia profit for 2016 amounted to EUR 175,0m, an increase of EUR 115,8m compared to 2015. The increase was mostly due to higher tax expenses resulting from an extra dividend in the previous year and stronger income.

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  • The donation environment “I Love to help”, which has collected 1.3 millions worth of donations, awaits new members

    Non-governmental organisations that aim to improve life in Estonia can apply to the donation environment “I Love to Help”, which brings together various charitable organisations, until February 6.
    Applications are evaluated based on the content, activities, expected results, impact and communication activities of a candidate project. More information about joining the donation environment can be found on its website

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