We recommend Smart ID

Internet Bank and Mobile Bank access options

  • We advise you to have several authentication solutions so you can always access our banking services.
  • The most convenient option is Smart ID and you can obtain it in the comfort of your home. Simply download the Smart ID app on your smartphone and activate the service using your ID card or Mobile ID.

Smart ID

We recommend it!

Mobile ID

ID card

PIN calculator

From the age of 7 15 7 7
Internet Bank access
Mobile Bank access No
Issuing fee Free Free State fee

for a private person over 65 years of age (incl.) 2 €

for a private person up to 65 years of ag 8 €

Monthly fee No About 1 euro No No
How to get it? Mobile network operator’s branches Police and Border Guard Board’s branches Swedbank’s branches
Smart ID

Smart ID is the most convenient solution for accessing the Internet Bank and the Mobile Bank. It is both secure and free of charge.


  1. Download the Smart ID app.
  2. Create PIN 1 and PIN 2.
  3. Confirm registration with your ID card of Mobile ID.

Get Smart ID

NB! You can also get Smart ID at any of our branches – be sure to have a personal identification document.

To use this service you will need a smartphone or tablet with the downloaded Smart ID app. Internet access is required as well. The Smart ID app’s technical specifications are available on the Smart ID website.

Technical support

Mobile ID

Mobile ID is a secure way of accessing the Internet Bank and the Mobile Bank. This solution also allows you to digitally sign documents.


  1. Contact your mobile network operator to get a special SIM.
  2. Mobile ID must be activated with the ID card on the following website:

To use the service you will need a mobile phone with that special SIM inserted and network coverage.

Technical support

ID card

Use your ID card to securely access the Internet Bank and digitally sign documents. In addition to this we advise you to obtain Smart ID or another authentication solution to ensure that you can access the Mobile Bank and confirm your identity when calling our consultation centre.


  1. ID cards are issued by the Police and Border Guard Board.
  2. Passwords are issued for electronic usage.

You will need your ID card with those passwords and an ID card reader. The corresponding ID card software must be installed on your computer.

Tehniline tugi

Other options

PIN calculator

The PIN calculator is a secure solution for accessing the Internet Bank and the Mobile Bank.


  • Get your PIN calculator at any Swedbank branch.
  • When activating the PIN calculator you will choose a code for subsequent usage.

PIN calculator user instructions

Password card

The password card is not a very secure means of authentication because it can be easily copied. The maximum daily limit on transactions performed with the password card does not exceed 200 euros.

As of 13 September 2018, the password card transaction limit will be up to 100 euros per day and as of 8 November 2018 up to 50 euros per day.

Password cards can be used until 1 February 2019. We recommend you to replace your password card with a new suitable solution at your earliest convenience.

Technical support

If someone else does your bank transactions

  • Any means of authentication is issued to one particular person and for the sake of security it cannot be passed on for usage to a family member or friend.
  • You should bear in mind that such a means of authentication provides access not only to the banking services, but to a wide range of other e-services as well (taxation authorities and so on).
  • If you want someone else to do your bank transactions, you can visit a bank branch to formalise authorisation enabling that person to use your bank account, also setting any restrictions that you wish to impose on access to any of your bank accounts and transaction limits within which the authorised person will be able to operate. The authorised person will be using personal passwords issued in their name.