Defined payments

Defined payment means saving a payment order so that payments with the same details
can be made quickly and easily in the future.

My defined payments Add new defined payment
  • Do you often make transfers to the same payee? If yes, then you certainly know how tedious it is when you have to enter the payee’s account number or your reference again and again when filling in the payment order. Making such payments becomes much easier when you save them as defined payments.
  • All you need to do to make a defined payment is open the saved payment order where all the necessary data have already been saved. If necessary, you can amend the data that are different from the previous payment, such as the payment details or the amount. You certainly do not have to enter the payee's name and account number again.
  • You can save a payment order as a defined payment after you have made the payment. When you need to make a similar payment in the future, you can select the pre-populated payment order from the dropdown menu in the Internet bank. Defined payments can also be made in the telephone bank, ATMs and at all Swedbank branches.
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