If you order an e-invoice with a standing order for your electricity, phone or other bills, paying your bills will be extremely easy.

The bank will make the required transfers on the basis of e-invoices sent to you automatically. You only need to ensure that there is enough money on your current account at the right time, and that the monthly limit is sufficient.

By receiving invoices electronically to Swedbank's Internet bank you save a lot of paper and contribute to nature conservation.

E-invoice with Standing Order Terms and Conditions

E-invoice standing order is:

  • simple – the service provider sends an e-invoice to the bank and the bank pays your bill automatically according to the terms and conditions specified in the contract;
  • convenient – you will save time and are relieved from the obligation of remembering the payment deadlines of your bills. You can also change the terms and conditions of the e-invoice standing orders in the Internet bank;
  • secure – the bill is always paid correctly, i.e. with the right payer and recipient name, account and reference number, within the limit set by you and on time. Therefore, no inconveniences related to delays or fines for delay;
  • affordable – entering into a contract and paying bills is free of charge for you.

Did you know that

For newspaper and magazine orders you have to pay one month in advance. For example, if you order a magazine, you must pay for the issue of the current as well as the following month. This means that when the first payment is made for an e-invoice with a standing order the amount payable for two months will be debited from your account, but in the future only for the ordering price of one month. Take this into account when setting your monthly limit.