E-invoices and standing orders

Paying e-invoices is easy

  • If you enter into a standing order agreement, any e-invoices submitted to the Internet Bank will be paid for you automatically.
  • All you need to do is ensure that you have enough money in your account on the day the invoice is due to be paid and that your monthly limit is sufficient.

Order invoices electronically to the Internet Bank. In addition to saving yourself time, you’ll be saving an awful lot of paper and thus doing the environment a favour!

E-invoice with Standing Order Terms and Conditions

Good to know

  • Requesting E-invoices is free of charge.
  • You can request E-invoices from companies who use the option of sending their bills also as E-invoices.
  • It is possible to request that E-invoices are sent to the Internet bank of the person who actually pays the bill.
  • E-invoices contain exactly the same data as paper bills.
  • Upon starting the payment of the e-invoice received the payment order is already pre-filled.
  • Alert lets you know the received e-invoices.

Get rid of paper bills

The largest billing companies in Estonia have created an Internet environment, which enables you to change all of your paper bills to e-invoices with only one single "yes" from you.

If you join www.arved.ee using Internet bank, all of your e-invoices will be sent to Internet bank. You will no longer receive paper bills sent by regular mail by companies who have joined the portal.