Mobile bank

  • You only need to shake to check your account balance

    • You can check your account balance on your phone without logging in
    • The account balance will be displayed on the mobile bank homepage by shaking your phone

Download the free app on your phone

Mobile application for iPhone:
Mobile application for Android:
Just as secure as the Internet Bank

You can adjust settings at the Mobile Bank yourself and decide whether logging in is necessary for checking your account balance and making payments. In other regards, it is just as secure as the Internet Bank. The safest and most convenient way to use the Mobile Bank is with Smart-ID.

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Smart-ID – a new way to use the Mobile Bank. Smart-ID is convenient, safe and free of charge. This app lets you use both the Internet Bank and the Mobile Bank.

Installing Smart-ID is easy:

  • Download the Smart-ID app
  • Create PIN1 and PIN2
  • Start using the app

Get Smart-ID