Mobile payments

Mobile payment is the most inexpensive, quickest and most convenient way of non-cash settlements between individuals, because

  • the mobile payment is free of charge - you only pay for a call to your mobile operator
  • the mobile payment accrues immediately, incl. on weekends and public holidays and even between banks who offer this type of payment (currently, only Swebank and SEB offer the mobile payment)
  • you can transfer money at any time in Estonia via your mobile phone
    You only need to know the recipient’s mobile telephone number to make a payment.

Both the remitter and the recipient must have entered into a mobile payment agreement.
You can start making payments as of 12.00 on the day following the entry into the agreement. A respective message is sent to your mobile phone as well.

How to make a mobile payment?

Example 1.

You are in a café having a nice evening with your friends. When the time to pay the bill arrives, mobile payment is the best way: your friend takes care of the bill for everyone and you can pay them your share by making a mobile payment. You do not need to make a transfer in the Internet bank or withdraw cash.

Example 2.

Your child urgently needs money. You can make a mobile payment wherever you’re in Estonia and the money accrues to your child’s account immediately.

Frequently asked questions

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