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Balance in mobile

When you call 1503 from your mobile phone, you will receive an automated reply from the bank informing you about your account balance in euros.

The service allows you to make queries about your account balance at any time using your phone. This means that you will always know whether you have enough money on your account to make the purchases you want. You only have to pay the call charges established by the mobile operator to calls made to the service number when you query your account balance using your mobile phone.

Concluding the contract is easy

  • You can conclude the balance in mobile contract in the Internet bank. When concluding the contract, you have to select the account about which you wish to receive information and enter your phone number. If you have several accounts in Swedbank, you will receive information about the account defined in the contract when you call.
  • When concluding the contract, you can define an upper limit for your account and once this has been exceeded, you will no longer be informed of the account balance. In such cases, you will be given the following automated message: “Your account balance exceeds the limit defined by you.”
  • If you change your phone number, terminate the balance in mobile contract concluded for your old number and conclude a new contract with the new number.
  • If your phone is lost or stolen, please call the client helpline 6 310 310 immediately and close all the services associated with your phone number as quickly as possible.

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