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Nearby or far away. Travel with the credit card.

  • Safe and carefree traveling with Gold and Platinum cards' travel insurance.
  • Shopping made even safer thanks to cards' purchase insurance.
  • Extra money with grace period always at hand for bigger purchases or unexpected situations.
  • Book and pay for hotels and use car rental services.
Note: Before applying for a card, log in to the Internet Bank to check whether you have a pre-calculated offer. Ordering a credit card on the basis of a personal offer made to you in the Internet Bank, you can start using it up to the established limit as soon as you place the order and enter into the agreement i.e. even before the physical card reaches you.

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Fixed payment credit card

Revolving credit card


Gold revolving credit card

Visa Platinum credit card

Works like hire purchase - useful for bigger purchases or unforeseen expenses. Best choice for your purchases and occasional travels abroad. Gives you travel insurance for the whole family travelling together and protects most of your purchases. Swedbank's best travel insurance, unlimited access to Priority Pass airport lounges and rental car insurance.
Purchase insurance
Travel insurance Wide Exclusive
Priority Pass 28 EUR per visit (unlimited free access with extra package)
Interest free period 0 days Up to 30 days Up to 40 days Up to 40 days
Repayment Fixed monthly payments Flexible Flexible Automatic/flexible
Monthly fee 1,30  (€0 for clients up to 25 y.o) 4,96  12,90 
Annual interest form 19% 19% 17% 14%









The information (in the table/above) may be different from the terms offered to you.

What does it apply for?
  • Bicycle was stolen.
  • Child broke his winter parka in kindergarten.
  • Glasses were broken.
  • Computer was damaged.
  • Skis were broken.
  • Surfing equipment was damaged.
  • And many more.

Purchase insurance terms and conditions

How does it work?
  • Purchase insurance applies to goods purchased with credit card at stores and online.
  • It compensates expenses on repair or replacement of durable goods* in case of damage, destruction, theft and loss, even if it was done unintentionally by the card holder.
  • It applies to most purchases inlc. clothing, sports equipment, tech gadgets etc. for 180 days from the day of the purchase.
  • To claim you need to have purchase document or payment information.

*Durable goods are items with a lifespan of at least 3 years. The lifespan of a product is determined by the manufacturer.

Sums insured

Sums insured are determined for each insured item, insured event and calendar year.

  • One item € 1,000.
  • One insured event € 2,000.
  • One year € 4,000.
  • Items with limited compensation* €400.
  • Excess per insured event is €30.

*Computers, computer parts and external devices; mobile phones; glasses, incl. sunglasses; watches; unique items, jewelry (incl. precious stones, precious metals and pearls); items made of fur.

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