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Visa Platinum credit card

For people who travel every day

  • An opportunity to visit the Priority Pass lounges at airports for an unlimited number of times
  • The best travel insurance of Swedbank for the whole family – the rental car, trip cancellation, and even your personal belongings will be covered;
  • 180-day insurance for items purchased with the card;
  • Up to a 40-day interest-free period;
  • Transfers from the credit card account;
  • The Estravel Platinum Club member status ensuring first-class travel service and special offers;
  • Valuable bonus points.
  • Allows you to make contactless payments;
  • Card will be sent to your contact address in 5 business days.
Apply card

As of 1 February 2019, the travel insurance attached to the Visa Platinum credit card takes effect automatically once you enter into the credit card agreement and remains valid until the credit card agreement is valid.

Card properties

Visa Platinum card makes your business trips and also holidays with the whole family convenient, since all trips and your purchases have been insured by means of the card.

  • Price €315 per year, including:
    €12,90 – monthly fee of the card;
    €160,20 – An annual fee for an unlimited number of visits to Priority Pass lounges and for the membership of Estravel Platinum Club (optional).
  • You can also select the card without an additional package by only paying a monthly fee for the card in the amount of € 12.90. In this case, the card still includes the Priority Pass membership, but you have to pay an additional fee for visiting Priority Pass lounges (27 USD per visit). Also, this does not ensure the Estravel Platinum Club membership.
  • Thanks to the known and recognised trademark of Visa, you can use Platinum card everywhere in the world.
  • Card limit from € 2,000
  • The card has an up to 40-day interest-free period: interest is not calculated from the used credit limit from the purchase until the payment date, or until the 10th day of each month. On the payment date, the used amount is automatically withheld from the account related to the card, except in case there is no enough money for repayment. In this case, interest starts accruing and you can repay the necessary amount later on. The interest-free period does not apply to cash withdrawals or to Internet Bank transfers.
  • To make a transfer from your credit card, simply initiate a domestic payment and select your credit card limit account from the drop-down menu. The regular price list for bank transfers applies to transfers you make from your credit card. You cannot select your credit card limit account as the account from which to debit service charges or as the account servicing deposit, loan, insurance, standing order or e-invoice direct debit agreements.
  • You can also take out extra cards for their close ones in addition to Platinum card. To order an additional card, please contact your client executive or call to our Consultation Centre on 6 310 310.
  • Free parking in the car park of Swedbank’s main office.
    The car park on the courtyard side of the building at Liivalaia 8 in Tallinn, access to which is via a barrier, can be used when meeting with a Personal Adviser or visiting the branch. Use of the car park for other reasons is not permitted. In order to open the barrier, slot your bank card into the card reader.
  • Terms and conditions of the agreement on the usage of the Visa Platinum credit card

Secure internet shopping

I want that also internet shopping would be as secure as possible for you. Therefore, if you want to pay with Visa Platinum card on the internet, you have to add the card to free service called Secure Internet.

In order to engage in secure internet shopping, you can register your card by logging in the internet bank.

Disputing card transactions

You can dispute card transactions by calling 6 310 310 at any time or by visiting your nearest branch.


Notify of damage

If an insured event occurs, call our claims handling

Property insurance claims handling is provided by Swedbank P&C Insurance AS

  • Claims handling
  • 888 2111 (24h)

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