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Fixed payment credit card

Fixed payment credit card

  • Repayment of limit as monthly payments.
  • Works like instalments and is suited to larger purchases.
  • Purchasing insurance.
  • Special offers and reward points.
  • Allows you to make contactless payments.
  • Monthly fee of €0.
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Card properties

  • Net income of applicant from 490 euros per month.
  • Card limit from 300 euros.
  • Fixed payment date and amount.
  • Interest is calculated if you’ve used the credit limit.
  • You can also take out extra cards for your family members with your fixed payment card. Each additional cardholder enjoys the same privileges as you. Please call our Customer Service on 6 310 310 to request an extra card.
  • There is no monthly maintenance fee.
  • You can determine usage limits for your card that are different from your credit limit in order to protect your money. Should anything happen to your card, call us on 6 310 310 for quick help and advice. You can request a new card if necessary.
  • Cash withdrawals from ATMs with a credit card are subject to a fee. Take a look at the price list.
  • You can also make transfers and payments from your credit card limit account. This option is easy to use in the Internet Bank and Mobile Bank.
  • To make a transfer from your credit card, simply initiate a domestic payment and select your credit card limit account from the drop-down menu. The regular price list for bank transfers applies to transfers you make from your credit card. You cannot select your credit card limit account as the account from which to debit service charges or as the account servicing deposit, loan, insurance, standing order or e-invoice direct debit agreements.
  • Terms and conditions of the agreement on the usage of the fixed payment credit card

Safe online shopping

We want to make online shopping safer for you. That’s why all MasterCard and Visa cards that have been issued by Swedbank and are used to make purchases online must be linked to the free Secure Internet service. Read more.

You can register your card for secure purchases by logging in to Swedbank’s Internet bank.

Credit Cover

Credit Cover allows you to insure the debts incurred on your credit card against situations in which repaying them becomes difficult or impossible.

With Credit Cover, any credit you use will be repaid in such unexpected situations as:

  • temporary or permanent incapacity for work as a result of an occupational accident or illness;
  • losing your job; and
  • a minor child suffering an accident or illness if this results in you no longer being able to fulfil your normal work duties.

With Credit Cover you can insure your smaller everyday financial obligations just as easily and naturally as you would your car, house or property. Sign contract.

Reward points

You can collect points three times faster when you make payments with a credit card instead of a debit card. You earn one reward point for every 6 euros you spend.

For example, when you use your fixed payment credit card to pay for a washing machine that costs 400 euros, you earn more than 65 reward points. You can use the reward points to get discounts on banking services, choose great gifts or make donations.

Take a look at the selection of gifts

Disputing card transactions

You can dispute card transactions by calling 6 310 310 at any time or by visiting your nearest branch.


  • Claims handling
  • 888 2111 (24h)

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