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Donate 1 euro - Education and equal opportunities

Educating people, moulding the way they think and shaping their world view involve much more than you might think at first. So why not support initiatives that help to create an inspiring forum for debate, that enable motivated and open-minded people to speak to students during their lessons, that implement the high-flying ideas school students have and that give potentially world-changing initiatives the start they deserve?

The points you donate will support the following organisations: Tagasi kooli; Noored Kooli; Arvamusfestival; Heateo SA, Junior Achievement, Eesti Asenduskodu Töötajate Liit, Serve the City, Eesti Inimõiguste KeskusEesti Vegan SeltsLoovHAEriline MaailmEesti Pagulasabi, MondoMust KastEesti Gaidide LiitIgale Lapsele PereCharity Pirital.

All of the points that are donated are divided equally between the organisations represented in the specific field – in this way we’re hoping to draw broader attention to these fields as a whole and, in doing so, raise awareness of all of the organisations and their projects. We are very thankful to all donators!

1 euro 2 euros 5 euros 20 euros 50 euros


100 euros

Donate 1 € for 60 reward points to Education and equal opportunities.

You can also support the activities of all of these organisations via the Swedbank donation environment (www.swedbank.ee/armastanaidata) where you can make contributions without being charged any service fees.

Donate 1 euro - Education and equal opportunities

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