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Donate 1 euro - Subsistence and health

In an ideal world people wouldn’t have to worry about falling ill or being unable to cope with their everyday lives. We can’t change the world overnight, but we can change it for those who need it the most. Sometimes that means skills and knowledge; other times actual material assistance.

The points you donate will support the following organisations: Maarja Küla; Eesti Toidupank; Eesti Pimemassööride Ühing; Terve Eesti; Tallinna Lastehaigla Toetusfond ; Sünni-ja Imetamise Tugiühing; Eesti Seksuaaltervise Liit; Eesti Vähiliit; Tallinna ja Harjumaa Autismiühing, Pelgulinna Sünnitusmaja Toetusfond, AIDSi Tugikeskus, Kingitud Elu, Kodukotus, AvitusLahendus.netVaikuseminutidEesti Sclerosis Multiplexi Ühing

All of the points that are donated are divided equally between the organisations represented in the specific field – in this way we’re hoping to draw broader attention to these fields as a whole and, in doing so, raise awareness of all of the organisations and their projects. We are very thankful to all donators!

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100 euros

Donate 1 € for 60 reward points to Subsistence and health.

You can also support the activities of all of these organisations via the Swedbank donation environment (www.swedbank.ee/armastanaidata) where you can make contributions without being charged any service fees.

Donate 1 euro - Subsistence and health

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