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Donate 1 euro – Special donations

Would you like to help out in these difficult times, but don’t know how? We have added a new section of special donations to the donating environment, so that you can support organisations that help people who find themselves in particularly vulnerable positions due to the crisis.

The emergency situation and virus outbreak have brought about a lot of problems. We have listed the organisations and projects that actively work on solving these issues; you can read more from here. For example you have a chance to support providing food aid to impoverished families or helping to ensure availability of mental health support in times of crisis.

The points you donate will support the following organisations: Eesti Toidupank, MTÜ Peaasjad, MTÜ Vägivallavaba Elu Kaitseks, Asendusõpetajate programm, Sünni ja Imetamise Tugiühing, Eesti Lasterikaste Perede Liit, Eesti Sünnitusmajade Toetusfond, Saaremaa Lemmikloomade Turvakodu.

All of the points that are donated are divided equally between the organisations represented in the specific field – in this way we’re hoping to draw broader attention to these fields as a whole and, in doing so, raise awareness of all of the organisations and their projects. We are very thankful to all donators!

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Donate 1 euro – Special donations

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