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Donate 1 euro – Animals and nature

The world around us and the animals that live in it can’t protect themselves. That’s why we have to do what we can to ensure that our living environment is clean, that our forests and waterways remain rich in species and that those animals left to fend for themselves because of our carelessness get the care they deserve. This is at the heart of everything the organisations represented in this category stand for.

The points you donate will support the following organisations: Varjupaikade MTÜ, Eesti Loomakaitse Selts, SA Eestimaa Looduse Fond, MTÜ Nähtamatud Loomad, Eestimaa Loomakaitse Liit, MTÜ Saaremaa Lemmikloomade Turvakodu, MTÜ Loomus, Assisi Franciscuse MTÜ (Tartu Koduta Loomade Varjupaik), Eesti Ornitoloogia Ühing.

All of the points that are donated are divided equally between the organisations represented in the specific field – in this way we’re hoping to draw broader attention to these fields as a whole and, in doing so, raise awareness of all of the organisations and their projects. We are very thankful to all donators!

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100 euros

Donate 1 € for 60 reward points to category Animals and nature.

You can also support the activities of all of these organisations via the Swedbank donation environment (www.swedbank.ee/armastanaidata) where you can make contributions without being charged any service fees.

Donate 1 euro – Animals and nature

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