Important dates 2018

  1. 7 to 9 February – you can view the pre-populated tax return in the e-Tax Board. Check the data and modify or update them if necessary.  Read more
  2. 15 February – the filing of pre-populated electronic income tax returns begins on the website of the Tax and Customs Board.
  3. 27 February – the refunding of overpaid income tax on the basis of electronically filed income tax returns begins.
  4. 2 April - the final deadline for filing income tax returns. You can file the tax return either electronically or on paper.
  5. 2 July – the final deadline for refunding overpaid income tax if the tax return is subject to additional inspection. You will receive information about the need for additional inspection of your tax return in the e-Tax Board from the day following the day you filed your tax return. The additional income tax subject to payment based on the tax return must, as a rule, be paid by 2 July. As an exception, resident natural persons who declared income from business or profit from transfer of property can pay income tax by 1 October, at the latest.


  • You can deduct from taxable income the amounts paid under the pension insurance contract and the contributions made to the third pension pillar fund to the extent which does not exceed 15% of your gross income for 2017, up to 6000 €. Read more
  • Paid housing loan and lease interest amounts, training expenses, gifts and donations provided for in section 27 of the Income Tax Act can be deducted from income in the total amount of up to 1200 euros (including housing loan and lease interest amounts up to 300 euros) per taxpayer, but not more than 50% of the taxpayer's income for the same period, from which the deductions related to enterprise have been made. Read more

Frequently asked questions

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