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To ensure a convenient and smooth home purchase

If you want to build, furnish or purchase a home, you will be provided with the best and fastest service from us. We will respond to your application within one (1) business day. If you have any questions, please contact us at (+372) 613 1324.

Which loan to choose?

Loan amount

Calculation is approximate and may differ from your personal small loan offer.


Home loan

Home equity loan

Home Small loan

Monthly payment      
Purpose Buying or building a home Buying or building a home;
furnishing or renovation
Buying or building a home;
furnishing or renovation
Interest rate interest rate + floating base rate interest rate + floating base rate Fixed
Term Up to 30 years Up to 20 years Up to 10 years
Loan amount Starting from 10 000 euros Starting from 10 000 euros 5000 - 20 000 euros
  • With an additional collateral 0%;
  • Without an additional collateral at least 10%;
  • With surety of KredEx 10%.
  • With an additional collateral 0%;
  • Without an additional collateral at least 10%.
Not required
Collateral Collateral needed Collateral needed Collateral is not needed
Net income At least €600 per month. Aalong with a co-applicant together at least €800 a month. At least €600 per month. Along with a co-applicant together at least €800 a month. At least €600 per month. Along with a co-applicant together at least €800 a month.
Insurance Mandatory Mandatory Recommended
If you want to take a loan, please submit an application so that we can make you a personal offer. Fill in application Fill in application Fill in application
Please call us if you want quick information about loans or your loan options. +372 613 1324 (Mon–Fri 8.30–18.00) +372 613 1324 (Mon–Fri 8.30–18.00)

Swedbank home loans benefits

  • An opportunity to perform all loan-related operations in one place

    The Internet Bank always provides an excellent overview of all your agreements and other financial issues. Client managers are ready to counsel you on various banking issues.

  • Integral property insurance

    Swedbank home insurance is an integral solution that provides your home with an insurance cover from the foundation to the chimney.

  • Favourable life insurance

    Credit-life insurance may be up to 25% more favourable for you than the conventional price, depending on your sum insured, state of health and health behaviour.

Insurance that suits you best

Home insurance
Insure your home from virtually all threats with one contract. In case of damage, we will compensate the cost of restoring your home in the extent of an unlimited sum. Excess is a mere € 90 and no excess applies when changing locks.

Loan insurance and loan payment protection
Loan insurance helps you or your close ones meet home loan payments in unexpected situations.

Life insurance
Depending on the insurance sum, an if you lead a healthy life, the monthly payment of insurance may be up to 25% cheaper. You can also get trauma protection, which can be very beneficial, with your life insurance.

Read more about insurance
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Contract fee discount

Valuation report

Uusmaa 50% (min 190 €) A discount on appraisal up to 20%
LVM Kinnisvara 40% (min 190 €)
Oberhaus 40% (min 190 €) A 20% discount on appraisal
Arco Vara 35% (min 190 €) A discount on appraisal up to 20%
Domus Kinnisvara 30% (min 190 €)
Pindi Kinnisvara 50% (min 190 €) Discount €20
RE Kinnisvara 20% (min 190 €) A 20% discount on appraisal
YIT 50% (min 190 €)
1Partner 35% (min 190 €)
Merko 50% (min 190 €)
Valid until 31.12.2018
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Frequently asked questions

  • What must I do to receive a loan?

    To receive a loan, you must submit a loan application. You can do that in the Internet Bank or in any other office of Swedbank. We will review your application within two-three working days.

  • How to buy real property with a loan?

    At first you should ask the bank in which amount you can take a loan and what the reasonable amount of the loan is. This requires an assessment of both the repayment possibilities as well as the part of self-financing. Then it is a good time to start looking for suitable real estate. When it has been found, you should submit a specific loan application. If the terms and conditions are suitable for both parties, a loan agreement will be made and an agreement of purchase and sales of real estate and establishment of mortgage will be formalised.

  • How to replace my current home with the help of a loan?

    • If your current home has been bought with a loan, it is possible at first to buy a new home and then sell the old one. For the period when you have taken a loan for both properties, we offer you a grace period, if necessary, in order for the loan payments to be more affordable. In the case of this solution it is important that you could sell your current property within a reasonable period of time.
    • If your current home is not tied to a loan, you can buy a new home using both your current as well as new property as collateral and then start selling the current one. The amount received from the sales is used to pay either the entire amount of the loan or a part of it, depending on the amount.
  • How does the bank finance building a house?

    We finance a construction project according to the cost of the whole project and generally we grant a loan for building by stages so that the amount of the loan is known at the beginning of the project. This will provide you with assurance that the construction will be completed and you can move in to your house at the planned time.

  • Can I receive a loan at all and in which amount?

    The amount of loan must, above all, be affordable for you. Generally, the percentage to be spent on loan payments may be 30-45% of your income.

  • How big are the transaction costs when buying a home?

    When taking a loan, you should take into account both the self-financing as well as the fact that the agreement fee, notary fee and state fee must also be paid immediately upon entry into the agreement. Transaction costs depend on the purchase price and the amount of loan and mortgage. A bank employee will inform you of the exact amount of the costs. In addition, you should be ready to insure your collateral immediately after the establishment of mortgage.