Home Small loan

The most flexible way of buying or improving a home

  • Furnishing and renovating, purchasing a home or other real estate
  • Establishing a mortgage is not required
  • Loan amount €5,000-20,000
  • No down payment required

Suitable monthly payment

Choose loan sum:
Choose loan term:

Calculation is approximate and may differ from your personal small loan offer.

Process for taking out a small home loan

  • Submit an application through the Internet Bank or at a bank branch.
  • The loan manager will inform you about the credit decision by phone or e-mail.
  • You will be able to sign the contract through the Internet Bank or at a bank branch. We will transfer the loan amount to your account within a few minutes after the signature of the loan contract.

Documents required to apply for loan

  • If your salary is not paid into a Swedbank account, submit a six-month account statement certified by the bank that opened your account.

Repayment holiday

Should you run into solvency problems you can apply for a repayment holiday of up to six months. In order to be granted a repayment holiday, you must submit an application at a bank branch or send a bank message. You can apply for several repayment holidays during the term of the loan.

You will be able to repay the loan in part or in full before the end of the term. The most convenient method to do so is by visiting the Internet Bank My obligations. This will also allow you to change the account servicing the loan and the payment date and repay the loan amount in part or in full. A contract fee corresponding to the price list must be paid for the premature repayment of the loan or for the amendment of other terms and conditions of the contract.

Home small loan's conditions
Loan amount €5,000-20,000
Loan currency euro
Interest Fixed, 8-15%
Term 6 months to 10 years
Down payment Not required
Insurance Property and/or loan insurance
Repayment of loan amount The loan must be repaid by means of monthly payments within the agreed term. You will be able to determine the date of payment yourself and the repayment of the loan amount will take place on the basis of an annuity schedule, which means that the loan must be repaid within the agreed term by means of pre-determined monthly payments.
Contract fee 1% of loan amount; min. €95
Prerequisite for obtaining loan Real estate registered in the Land Register (except an unimproved plot of land). No mortgage is established on the real estate and no evaluation is required. The real estate to be purchased in the name of the borrower within 90 days after signing the loan agreement should have the following name: registered immovable, apartment ownership, right of superficies, right of superficies in apartments.
Income At least 600 euros; when applying for a loan jointly with another person, at least 800 euros.