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Home loan

Examples of the annual percentage rate

Home loan

The initial annual percentage rate is 6,188% on the following (example) conditions:

  • loan of €123 000;
  • total floating interest rate 5,923% per annum, incl margin 1,82% + 6 months' Euribor (as at Oct 16 2023 the 6-month Euribor rate was 4,103%; the rate set out in your agreement may change every 6 months);
  • contract fee of €190;
  • repayment period of 30 years;
  • number of repayments 360;
  • the sum of repayments €265 418,27;
  • the total cost of the credit €142 608,27;
  • the total sum of the credit €265 608,27.

The rate is calculated on the assumption that the amount of credit is being issued immediately and in full and that the basic amount and interest will be repaid as monthly annuity payments. The loan agreement is secured with a mortgage. Upon taking a loan, a home insurance contract must be entered into. The rate does not include costs associated with the establishing or insuring of collateral.

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There’s no place like home!

Special offer for energy class A assets! Interest for the first year is 0% + 6 months’ Euribor.*

  • We will make the home purchase simple for you.
  • Fast application processing
  • Opportunity to pay back earlier and manage your contract via Internet Banking
  • Option to choose between variable or fix interest rate

For you as our Gold client, the Agreement fee is –30% and home insurance –25%.

For you as our young client, the Agreement fee is –30%.

* Special offer is valid for new applications submitted until 31.12.2024. Interest of 0% + 6 months’ Euribor will apply for the first years, afterwards the contractual interest will apply. More detailed information on the conditions is available at the bottom of the page under "Conditions and fees" .

Start from application Learn your limits Find a home

What are your needs?

Net income should be at least 900 euros, or 1300 euros if taking out the loan with a co-applicant. Your current loan liabilities exceed the optimal monthly repayment amount. Mortgage loan is not available to you. Average net income in the last 6 months.
Small loan, credit card, overdraft, line of credit, study loan and other short-term credits.
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Results are approximate and may differ from conditions offered to you.

Your total monthly payment cannot exceed %PERCENTAGE%% from your monthly incomes. We recommend You decrease calculated loan amount or consider to change loan term. Loan sum is too small. Minimum sum is 20 000 euros.
  • Down payment starting from 15%.
  • Down payment starting from 10% with the surety of KredEx.
  • Down payment may not be needed if you collateralize your own property.


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Insure your

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See the examples of the annual percentage rate

Loan and Insurance payment calculations are approximate and may differ from your personal offers. Home insurance and loan payments protection insurance is provided by Swedbank P&C insurance AS. Life insurance is provided by Swedbank Life Insurance SE.

Home exchange is a suitable solution when you wish to swap your current property for a new home. During transitional period, you’ll only pay the interest but for both loans.

Existing mortgage loan

Transitional period It is the time intended for you to be able to buy and move to the new property, sell the old property and pay off its loan.

Loan for the new property after the transitional period

Balance of loan
Period 1 year
Monthly principal repayment 0 Postponed 0
Monthly interest payment 0 0 0
Total monthly payment 0 0 0

Results are approximate and may differ from conditions offered to you.

  • For buying a new home or purchasing a plot and building a home.
  • For home exchange, if you wish buy new property before selling the old one.
  • Down payment of at least 15% is needed, preferably in cash but additional collateral is also possible. With an additional collateral, the down payment can be 0%.
  • Smaller, 10% down payment is available for energy-efficient housing buyers, young families, families with many children, veterans, young specialists of up to 35 years of age via EIS (previous KredEx) surety. More on EIS homepage and on Swedbank's pre-contractual information sheet, Annex No 1.

Apply Home loan

  • For other bigger expenses by setting a mortgage on the property.
  • For furnishing, repairing, renovating or buying other properties (e.g. a summer house).
  • Down payment is not necessary if the loan amount market value of the collateral is up to 85% of the market value of the collateral.

Apply for home equity loan

Would you like to refinance your home loan or other real estate secured loan with Swedbank?

  • To do this, fill in the Home Loan application form and select ‘other’ as the purpose of the loan.
  • Enter the balance of the existing loan in the loan amount row.
  • We’ll get in touch with you and help make things go smoothly.

Apply for re-financing

  1. Determine how much you can expect to borrow based on your current salary and financial commitments.
  2. If you are buying a new home through our real estate partner, ask for a discount code and information about the offer from real estate agent.
  3. Fill in the application on the Internet Banking site and get a consultation.
  4. The bank notifies you of its loan decision.
  5. Sign the loan agreement on the Internet Banking site and set up home insurance.
  6. After the notarial transaction, the bank will disburse the loan.

Any property to be bought and mortgaged must be appraised by an independent valuator.

  • Annual interest rate of 0% + 6-month Euribor applies to energy class A properties.
  • The special offer is valid for new agreements applied for between 1 March and 31 December 2024.
  • Important! The loan application must state the address of the property to be bought/built; should the address change, a new application is required to be submitted.
  • The special offer does not apply in the case of refinancing a loan.
  • The special offer is valid for one year from the first payout of the loan.

Read more about the conditions of the campaign

  • Loan amount from 20,000 €.
  • Loan up to 85% of collateral value (in most cases, the collateral is the property being bought).
  • All loans (including Credit cards and hire purchases) may take up to 50% of your income.
  • Loan term up to 30 years.
  • Income at least 900 € per month, at least 1300 € per month with a co-borrower.
  • When taking out a loan alone, in the case of more than one dependents, regular income must be at least 1300 € per month.

You can choose between two interest rates.

  • A floating interest rate, where the annual interest rate consists of an individual margin and the 6-month Euribor. The 6-month Euribor changes every 6 months.
  • A fixed interest rate for the first 5 years, where the annual interest rate consists of the 5-year euro interest rate (euro interest rate swap) and an individual margin. After the end of the fixation period, the annual interest rate changes into the floating interest rate agreed in the loan agreement.

You can find base interest rates here

  • The loan must be repaid within the agreed term and on the date of your choice, in monthly instalments on either an annuity schedule, a fixed annuity schedule or a fixed principal instalment schedule.
  • Additional expenses of buying a real estate with a loan (notary fees, state fee, real estate valuation) and contract fee.

Historical base rate



Effective as of 01.09.2023
Housing loan and Home equity loan
Agreement fee 1% of the loan amount, no less than 190 €
(no less than 400 € when financing construction)
KredEx collateral fee 3 % of the surety amount
Amendment of the agreement 190 €
excl. loan principal repayment holiday 95 €
excl. amendment of the payment date (in branch or in Internet Bank) free of charge
excl. amendment of the servicing account (in branch or in Internet Bank) free of charge
Interest rate revision 0,5% of the loan balance, no less than 190 €
Additional loan amount 1% of the loan amount, no less than 190 €
Early repayment fee (including partial repayment)
in a branch

Euro interest loans concluded before 2022
In the event of early repayment of a fixed-interest euro loan in the course of the period of fixation of the loan interest rate, an early repayment fee is charged as a difference between the contractual fixed interest rate of the euro and the fixed interest rate of the euro in the period from the early repayment until the end of the interest rate fixation. The early repayment fee is calculated on the respective period as from the date of early repayment until the contractual date of expiry of the fixation.

Euro interest loans concluded since July 2022
The early repayment fee is 1% of the loan amount to be repaid if the period between the early repayment and the fixation period repayment date is longer than one year and 0.5% if the period does not exceed one year. More detailed conditions for determining the fee are provided in the loan agreement.

the amount of 3 months' interest (not applied in case of 3 months' advance notice)
in digital channels (not fixed interest rate loans) the amount of 1 month interest
Fee for processing arrears 3,20 €
Penalty ECB interest rate + 8% a year (currently 0,034% a day, 12,50% a year) ECB interest rate + 8% a year (currently 0,034% a day, 12,25% a year) The interest rate applicable to the main refinancing operations of the European Central Bank (the ECB interest rate). The ECB interest rate is published in the Ametlikud Teadaanded. The default interest rate may change twice a year (on January 1 and July 1) if the ECB interest rate has changed.
Home small loan
Annual interest rate starting from 7,90%
Agreement fee 1% of the loan amount, no less than 100 €
Formalization of an additional amount 1% of the additional amount, no less than 100 €
Amendment of the interest rate 50 €
Other fees according to small loan price list

With the self-service feature, you can:

  • change free of charge payment date after the monthly payment has been made;
  • change free of charge payment account;
  • make early partial repayments.

In other cases (applying for a grace period, prolonging the payment term, change or release of additional collateral), fill in the loan agreement application.

Fill in the new loan application if you want to:

  • buy new property before selling old one;
  • apply for an additional loan.

Please note that some changes in the loan agreement are subject to fees.

  • You don‘t have to know how to buy a home – our experts will guide you through it every step of the way.
  • Get the benefits of a Gold Client – if your income is at least €1,500, you will become our Gold Client when you take out a home loan.
  • Flexible loan agreement – you can change your repayment date, make early repayments, etc. in the Internet bank.
  • Home exchange opportunity – you can buy a new home while selling the previous one calmly.
  • Digitally irresistable bank – you can also find insurances, investments and other options in the Internet bank and app.
  • Loads of benefits – ask developers and brokers for our discounts, plus explore the offers of Golden customers.
  • Buying a home is just the beginning – we will help with insurance, furnishing, renovation, all the next steps.

Want to know how much you can lend?

  • Even when exploring possibilities, start with the application and we will call you back!
  • Just need a consultation? (+372) 613 1324 (Mon-Fri 09:00-17:00).

For property purchases or bigger renovations up to €20 000.

See also offers on household goods and electronics from our partners.

On the KV.EE portal, you'll find thousands of exciting offers in the city and countryside, in new and historic buildings.

Property appraisers

Real Estate Evaluators accepted by Swedbank to value commercial and residential properties

Real estate company Address Phone
  • 1Partner Kinnisvara

  • Area: whole Estonia
  • Property type: residential and commercial property
  • 66 84 700
  • 50 46 190
  • 73 66 006

Arco Vara Kinnisvarabüroo OÜ offices

  • Area: whole Estonia
  • Property type: residential and commercial property
614 4600
744 2218
447 1430
435 9969
324 0888
357 7227
337 0400

Arco Vara Kinnisvarabüroo OÜ representatives

514 1045
514 1045
555 222 55
565 076 37
565 076 37
565 076 37
565 076 37
565 076 37
512 4236

Colliers International Advisors OÜ

616 0777

Domus Kinnisvara Vahendus OÜ

646 4035
742 3100
443 1154
356 6411
433 4411
453 6433

Eri Kinnisvara OÜ

  • Area: whole Estonia
  • Property type: residential and commercial property
606 0077

Kaanon Kinnisvarabüroo OÜ

  • Area: whole Estonia
  • Property type: residential and commercial property
665 9585
735 0850

Kinnisvaraekspert OÜ

Kinnisvaraekspert Pärnu OÜ

  • Area: whole Estonia
  • Property type: residential and commercial property
626 4250
442 0700

Lahe Kinnisvara

608 0530
5622 2313
512 4565
5645 8687

LVM Kinnisvara OÜ

  • Area: whole Estonia
  • Property type: residential and commercial property
  • 4 477 000
  • 56 56 8000
452 6044
  • 68 43 700
  • 5694 1700
710 2000

Newsec Valuations EE OÜ

  • Area: whole Estonia
  • Property type: commercial property
5346 8308

Ober-Haus Hindamisteenuste OÜ

  • Area: whole Estonia
  • Property type: residential and commercial property
6 659 700
7446 500
33 70 768

Pindi Kinnisvara OÜ offices

  • Area: whole Estonia
  • Property type: residential and commercial property
  • 610 3900
  • 512 0280
482 1408
744 1116
  • 447 1075
  • 521 4985
357 5115
327 7100
452 9500
384 6015
610 3903
433 0111
472 0830
332 7676
786 0936

Pindi Kinnisvara OÜ representatives

514 9289
5667 9221
504 2164
501 3658
5551 5382

RE Kinnisvara AS

  • Area: Harju- ja Raplamaa
  • Property type: residential and commercial property
6 688 666

Uus Maa Kinnisvarabüroo OÜ

  • Area: whole Estonia
  • Property type: residential and commercial property
627 2600
744 1144
442 0380
322 3601
337 9750
520 4955
435 1361
58 14 5068
56 241 810
53 73 0096
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