New! Appliance Loan

Special offer!

Ease your life with the help useful appliances

Appliance Loan is suitable for purchasing various technical equipment, whether you need a robot vacuum cleaner, a one click coffee machine, a heat pump, a workout machine, a new computer or kitchen appliances.

  • Loan from 500 euros upwards without collateral.
  • The money will be immediately transferred to your account.
  • If you have a pre-calculated offer, the extra money will be transferred immediately after signing the agreement.
  • You can sign the agreement quickly, even while waiting in a shop queue.

Special offer: use the promo code “Tehnika” and get a 50% discount on the contract fee!

The campaign is valid from 01.11 to 01.01.2019. The discount is applied if you use the promo code “Tehnika” in your application. If you sign the contract on the basis of a personal limit offer, the contract discount shall be applied automatically.

Suitable monthly payment

Choose loan sum:
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Calculation is approximate and may differ from your personal loan offer.

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What is it for?

Appliance Loan can help you purchase various technical and electronic devices.

We provide Appliance from 500 to 20 000 €. The amount you can borrow depends on your net income and any other financial obligations that you may have.

Fast answer
  • If you find a pre-calculated loan offer when signing in to the internet bank, there’s no need to submit an application. On the basis of the offer, you can simply sign the contract and have the amount transferred to your account immediately. Log-in to see if you have a personal offer.
  • If there’s no offer available, fill in an application, and you will receive the decision by phone or a text message.
  • We will transfer the amount to your current account immediately after the conclusion of an Appliance Loan contract in the internet bank.

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