Car lease and car loan

Car leasing

Lower car leasing interest rates for both new and used cars

The newer the car, the lower is your leasing interest:

  • 1,99% when buying a car that is up to 1-year-old;
  • Starting from 2,20% when buying a car that is 2–5-years old;
  • Starting from 3,20% when buying an older car.

6 month Euribor is added to the interest. Negative Euribor equals to zero.

Calculate payment

Car price (€)
Downpay­ment (%)
Downpay­ment (€)
Residual value (%)
Residual value (€)
Monthly payment
The calculation is approximate and may differ from the terms and conditions offered to you. Interest depends on the client’s profile and the chosen vehicle. The best interest is offered for new vehicles.

Options for buying a car

Car loan


Loan amount Up to 20 000 euros Starting from 7000 euros
(excl. of VAT)
Term 6 months– 7 years 1–7 years (in the event of an operational lease up to 5 years)
Self-financing Not necessary Starting from 10% of the price of the car
Net income At least 600 euros a month (or at least 950 euros a month with a co-applicant) At least 700 euros a month (or at least 950 euros a month with a surety provider)
Comprehensive insurance Advisable Compulsory
The car belongs to the buyer, the bank does not need to be informed about the sale. The car belongs to the leasing company.
Fill in a loan application

Application form for co-borrower

Fill in a leasing application

Application form for surety provider

Steps to obtain leasing

  1. Find a suitable vehicle and submit an application on the internet bank, at a car dealership or at a bank branch.
  2. If necessary, the manager will ask for additional documents:

  3. We will sign the contract digitally at a car dealership or at a bank branch.
  4. 8. All you have to do is pay the first instalment and contract fee and you can pick up your car.
    • If the buyer is a private person, the bank will transfer the money for the vehicle to the seller no sooner than 15 days after the signing of the lease contract. Agree on a time for the registration and transfer of the vehicle with the seller.
  5. The vehicle must be registered in the name of Swedbank Liising AS at the Traffic Register Bureau of the Road Administration.
  6. The car must have valid casco insurance and motor insurance. If your comprehensive insurance provider is not Swedbank P&C Insurance AS, send a copy of the policy by e-mail to, fax it to 888 2048 or bring it to your nearest Swedbank branch.
    The lessor accepts all insurance companies (and their branches) that hold an activity licence issued in Estonia.

Steps during leasing term

  • Authorisation for use of vehicle

  • Amendment of contract

  • Early termination of contract

  • Timely termination of capital lease and hire purchase contract

  • Timely termination of capital lease and hire purchase contract with residual value

  • Timely termination of operating lease contract

  • Comprehensive and motor third party liability insurance