Gold revolving credit card

Special offer
Gold revolving credit card

Special offer! Gold revolving credit cards ordered between 03.12.18–13.01.19 have a €0 monthly fee until 28.02.2019*.

  • Free travel insurance for the whole family.
  • Opportunity to perform transfers and make payments direct from your credit card account.
  • Up to 40-day interest-free period on purchases made with card.
  • 180-day insurance for items purchased with the card.
  • Special offers and more reward points.
  • Allows you to make contactless payments.
  • Card will be sent to your contact address in 5 days.

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*From 01.04.19 will apply the regular monthly fee. If you have previously had same type credit card, the special offer applies to you only if at least 3 months have passed since you cancelled your card.

Note: Before applying for a card, log in to the Internet Bank to check whether you have a pre-calculated offer. Ordering a credit card on the basis of a personal offer made to you in the Internet Bank, you can start using it up to the established limit as soon as you place the order and enter into the agreement i.e. even before the physical card reaches you.

Travel insurance comparison

Gold credit card travel insurance Travel insurance
Price The monthly fee is €4.96 (€59.52 per year), which includes free travel insurance Example: One week’s holiday for a family of four in Turkey is €146**
Coverage Insurance cover is automatic* You are covered once you enter into the contract
Validity Valid until the end date of the card for trips lasting up to 3 months Valid until the end of the insurance period
Scope Entire family Optional
Luggage and personal belonging cover Included in price Available at extra cost
Travel interruption cover Included in price Available at extra cost
Validity of travel interruption cover Automatic validity* Valid from the 3rd day after entering into the contract
Medical assistance 500 000 € 500 000 €
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You can review the terms and conditions of Gold credit card travel insurance HERE.

*Insurance cover is automatic if you pay at least 50% for the cost of your trip with your credit card or from your personal Swedbank bank account.
**Example price includes: 2 adults, 2 children, €1000 property insurance cover, €1500 travel interruption cover. Travel period begins 30 days after taking out policy.

Travel insurance

The revolving Gold credit card comes with an extensive travel insurance package, which covers you and your family members travelling with you during trips of up to three months anywhere in the world.

Travel insurance covers:
  • medical and transport expenses related to accidents and illnesses;
  • expenses incurred due to changes to your travel plans (cancellation or interruption of a trip, delayed travel etc.);
  • the cost of restoring or replacing personal items taken on the trip should they be damaged or destroyed (including stolen) as a consequence of a sudden and unforeseeable event.

The insurance cover will take effect if you pay for at least one of the expenses set out below with your Swedbank card or by means of a bank transfer from your personal Swedbank bank account:

  • any type of tickets for travelling to the destination;
  • package travel expenses;
  • accommodation expenses preceding the insured event; and
  • fuel expenses preceding the insured event.

You must have a valid Swedbank Gold credit card at the moment of paying for the travel expenses.

If the expenses cannot be determined in detail, the insurance cover will take effect if you have paid for at least 50% of (all ) the travel expenses with your Swedbank card or by means of a bank transfer from your personal Swedbank bank account.


Excess is the part of the loss amount you must personally cover in an insured event. The excess is 30 euros and it applies to insured events related to property insurance, travel itinerary changes and liability and legal assistance insurance.

The travel insurance is provided by Swedbank P&C Insurance AS. Please read the insurance terms and conditions and consult an insurance specialist if necessary.

If you have further questions, please contact customer service 888 2100,

  • What does the Swedbank Gold and Platinum credit card travel insurance cover?


Notify of damage

If an insured event occurs, call our claims handling

Property insurance claims handling is provided by Swedbank P&C Insurance AS

  • Claims handling
  • 888 2111 (24h)