Gold charge credit card

Gold charge credit card

A Gold charge credit card guarantees you the following:

  • travel insurance that covers you and your family members travelling with you;
  • more flexibility in taking care of your finances;
  • special offers from partners;
  • more valuable reward points;

Attention! As of 3 September 2018, Swedbank will no longer issue new charge credit cards or use them to replace cards that are about to expire or closed prematurely. Issued charge credit cards will expire latest on 31 December 2019.

Card properties

  • Card limit from 650 euros.
  • If you use the credit card, you must repay the full amount of the limit you have used the following month.The payment date is always the 10th of the next month.
  • The card is interest-free.
  • You can also take out extra cards for your family members with your Gold charge credit card. Each additional cardholder enjoys the same privileges as you. Please call our Customer Service on 6 310 310 to request an extra card.
  • You can determine usage limits for your card that are different from your credit limit in order to protect your money. Should anything happen to your card, call us on 6 310 310 for quick help and advice. You can request a new card if necessary.
  • Cash withdrawals from ATMs with a credit card are subject to a fee. Take a look at the price list.

Safe online shopping

We want to make online shopping safer for you. That’s why all MasterCard and Visa cards that have been issued by Swedbank and are used to make purchases online must be linked to the free Secure Internet service. Read more

You can register your card for secure purchases by logging in to Swedbank’s Internet bank.