American Express® Gold

American Express Gold
An American Express® Gold credit card guarantees you the following:
  • world-class travel insurance;
  • convenient travel service;
  • access to business lounges;
  • more flexibility in taking care of your finances;
  • special offers from partners;
  • more valuable reward points;
  • better service.

New cards will no longer be issued
The use of cards already issued that expire prior to September 2018 can be continued until end of their term of validity. Cards expiring in September 2018 or later can no longer be used starting from 1 September 2018. We will contact all our customers in advance to find the best solution for each individual customer.

American Express Gold comes with an extensive travel insurance package, which covers you and your family members travelling with you during trips of up to three months anywhere in the world. The sums incurred included in the package apply to each case irrespective of how many of them occur during the trip.

The travel insurance is automatically valid all the time – you don’t have inform anyone that you’re going travelling or sign an insurance policy.

Travel insurance covers:
  • medical and transport expenses related to accidents and illnesses;
  • expenses incurred due to changes to your travel plans (cancellation or interruption of a trip, delayed travel etc.);
  • the cost of restoring or replacing personal items taken on the trip should they be damaged or destroyed (including stolen) as a consequence of a sudden and unforeseeable event;
  • damage caused to third parties or items belonging to them during a trip.

If you or your family members run into difficulties when travelling, all you need to do is call Gold Client Support on (+372) 888 6 888 and we will deal with your concern straightaway.

The travel insurance is provided by Swedbank P&C Insurance AS. Please read the insurance terms and conditions and consult an insurance specialist if necessary.

Notify of damage

If an insured event occurs, call our claims handling

Claims handling 888 2111,

Swedbank P&C Insurance AS
Liivalaia 12, 15039 Tallinn

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