American Express® Blue

American Express Blue
An American Express® Blue credit card guarantees you the following:
  • 180-day purchase insurance;
  • more flexibility in taking care of your finances;
  • great special offers all over the world;
  • more useful reward points.

New cards will no longer be issued
The use of cards already issued that expire prior to September 2018 can be continued until end of their term of validity. Cards expiring in September 2018 or later can no longer be used starting from 1 September 2018. We will contact all our customers in advance to find the best solution for each individual customer.

180 days insurance for purchases

American Express Blue is a credit card suitable for those who want to protect their purchases against unexpected events. When you buy new durable goods with your Blue card, the purchase insurance that comes with the card covers them automatically for 180 days after the purchase. The insurance covers the purchases for theft, loss and damage, and works even if an accident happens with the purchased item through your own fault and the manufacturer’s warranty does not apply.

For example, the Blue purchase insurance also helps if you spoil a piece of clothing you purchased, lose a newly-bought ring or the screen on your new tablet breaks. The excess of the purchase insurance is 30 euros, which means that it pays to use your Blue card to purchase items that cost more than that.

Purchase insurance is offered by Swedbank P&C Insurance AS. Please read the insurance terms and conditions and consult an insurance specialist if necessary.

Purchase protection amounts

Insurance amounts are defined for one insured item, one insured event and one year.

Single insured item 1000 euros
Single insured incident 2000 euros
Year 4000 euros
Excess per insured event is 30 euros.

  • Claims handling
  • 888 2111 (24h)