ISIC MasterCard Student Card

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Issuing fee 0 €*

ISIC and APP – perfect pair

This perfect pair allows you to:

*21.08.–31.10.19 ordered ISIC card has €0 issuing fee (regular issuing fee is 6,33 €). This offer applies to customers who have not owned ISIC card during last 3 months.

Card benefits
Other features
  • Manage your debit card in Internet Bank and Swedbank’s app. Block and unblock your card your card in Swedbank’s app and manage limits as you go.
  • Contactless payments – you’ll be able to pay up to €25 only by tapping the card to the terminal. No PIN, no hassle, just quick and safe shopping.
  • Many Fitbit and Garmin smartwatches owners can perform smartwatch payments.
  • Try out mobile contactless payments for Android users.
  • Activate internet shopping option.

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