Visa Platinum credit card

Nearby or far away. Travel with the credit card.

  • Swedbank's best travel insurance for you and family members. Rental car insurance included.
  • 180-day purchase insurance for most items purchased with credit card in shops and online.
  • Up to 40-day interest-free periood.
  • Automatic credit repayment possibility.
  • With extra package you'll have unlimited access to Priority Pass airport lounges all over the world.

As of 24.09.2020, we will start issuing new Platinum credit cards with additional features.

  • From the above date, new and replaced credit cards will be issued as Mastercard cards.
  • Automatically renewable Visa Platinum credit cards that expire on 10/2020 or at a later date (marked on the card) will be renewed as Mastercard cards upon expiry. You can find more information on the internet bank from 24.09.
Card benefits
  • Credit limit from 2000 EUR
  • Swedbank's best travel insurance for the whole family: medical costs, CASCO for rental car, trip cancellation, and even your personal belongings will be covered.
  • Access to Priority Pass lounges at airports:
    • for holder of Visa Platinum card with extra package free of charge
    • for holder of Visa Platinum card without extra package 28 EUR per visit
    • for persons accompanying Visa Platinum cardholder 28 EUR per visit
  • For extra package holders the Estravel Platinum Club member status ensuring first-class travel service and special offers. Extra package is optional and costs 160,20 EUR/year. Information about the Estravel Platinum Club membership will be sent to you via the Internet Bank within a few days.
  • 180-day purchases insurance is valid for most items purchased with credit card payment or by transfer from a credit card account.
  • Up to 40 days interest-free period for used credit card limit.
  • Discounts and reward points.
  • Book and pay for hotels and use car rental services.
  • You can also take out extra cards for your family members with your Visa Platinum credit card. Each additional cardholder enjoys the same privileges as you.
  • Free parking in the car park of Swedbank’s main office. The car park on the courtyard side of the building at Liivalaia 8 in Tallinn, access to which is via a barrier, can be used when meeting with a Personal Adviser or visiting the branch. Use of the car park for other reasons is not permitted. In order to open the barrier, slot your bank card into the card reader.

Terms and conditions of the agreement on the usage of the Visa Platinum credit card

Other features
  • Manage your credit card in Ibank and Swedbank app: block and unblock, manage limits and make repayments as you go.
  • You can start using the credit limit right after signing credit card agreement - even before card arrives.
  • You can transfer money, make payments and withdraw cash at the ATM directly from your credit card account.
  • Contactless payments - you'll be able to pay up to €50 only by tapping the card to the terminal. No PIN, no hassle, just quick and safe shopping.
  • Choose to receive your card by post for free.
  • Activate internet shopping option.

When to pay back your used credit limit?

  • Interest is not calculated from the used credit limit from the purchase until the 10th day of each month.
  • How does the repayment work?
    On the repayment date, the used amount is automatically withheld from the account related to the card. If there are insufficient funds, the interest accruing starts and you can repay the used limit and interest anytime later.
  • Please notice! Upon making a payment and withdrawing cash from the limit account, the bank shall begin calculating interest immediately, unless the amount of the aforementioned transactions remains within the positive balance of the limit account.

Works like instalments: useful for bigger purchases or unforeseen expenses.

Best choice for your purchases and occasional travels abroad.

Gives you travel insurance for the whole family and protects most of your purchases.

Insure your credit card repayments and get financial safety in case you unexpectedly fall ill or loose your job.

Card related questions and card claims

Insurance related questions and claims

  • 888 1513
  • Insurance is provided by Swedbank P&C insurance AS.

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