Fixed payment credit card

Useful if you'll need money for bigger purchases or unforeseen expenses

  • Works likehire purchase: repayment used limit with fixed monthly payments.
  • 180 days purchase insurance applies for most goods purchased with credit card or by payment from credit card account.
Card benefits
Other features
  • Manage your credit card in Ibank and Swedbank app: block and unblock, manage limits and make repayments as you go.
  • You can start using the credit limit right after signing credit card agreement - even before card arrives.
  • You can transfer money, make payments and withdraw cash at the ATM directly from your credit card account.
  • Contactless payments - you'll be able to pay up to €25 only by tapping the card to the terminal. No PIN, no hassle, just quick and safe shopping.
  • Many Fitbit and Garmin smartwatches owners can perform smartwatch payments.
  • Try out mobile contactless payments for Android users.
  • Activate internet shopping option.

When to pay back your used credit limit?

  • It works just like instalments: repayments for the used credit limit will be debited automatically in equal instalments each month from the account specified by you.
  • Interest starts to be calculated if you use the credit limit.
  • You can always repay used limit sooner in addition to monthly payments.

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Card related questions and card claims

Insurance related questions and claims

  • 888 1513
  • Insurance is provided by Swedbank P&C insurance AS.

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