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Thank yourself for smart decisions

Find out how you can get smart with the help of Swedbank!

Thank yourself for smart decisions

Every new purchase can be a step towards a more sustainable lifestyle. By making a smart decision, you will save both resources and money.

Class A+++ fridge uses up to 60% less energy than Class A fridge Freestanding appliances use 10% – 20% less energy than built-in ones Dishwasher uses up to 7 times less water than washing up by hands
Induction cooktop is the most energy efficient choice – with up to 90% of energy converted to heat Hybrid vehicles emit 20% - 40% less CO2 than fuel-only cars Heating bills can be up to 40% lower in insulated flats
Smart home system can save 30% - 40% of energy consumed LED bulbs use up to 80% less energy than incandescent bulbs and 75% less than halogen ones Class A+++ fridge uses up to 60% less energy than Class A fridge

Information Source: Elektrum Energy Efficiency Centre

Bigger purchases

Your smart decisions require a financial kick? Swedbank small loan might do!

Buy cheap? Buy twice. That's the sad reality behind buying almost anything. Be it clothing, furniture, household appliances and even doing home renovations. It's always a good idea to invest a bit more and enjoy the quality result for longer. Also – the less often you buy new goods, the less resources are used, and less waste produced.

If you plan a purchase or home renovation costing up to 20 000 euros, Swedbank's small loan is the right choice.

Special offer: till 20.09.2020 contract fee 0 EUR.

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Home renovation

Longing for a smart home renovation? Swedbank home small loan might do!

We spend most of our life indoors, so the interior must be inspiring and made of quality materials. Market nowadays offers a wide variety of eco-friendly construction materials. Also, important – the furniture. Perhaps invest into renovating the vintage furniture from your parent's or grandparent's home? When buying new, look for FSC certification - it ensures the wood's harvested sustainably. When it comes to design, ascetic is a good idea because it will not bore you. You can always add a touch of mood and personality through different interior accessories!

There are ways to make your home energy efficient, too. First – insulation. As simple as that. An investment that repays both in terms of finance and environment. The second – installing a smart home system that tailors energy consumption to your specific needs.

If you wish to renovate your house or purchase a small real estate up to 20 000 euros, Swedbank's home small loan is the way to go.

Special offer: till 20.09.2020 contract fee 0 EUR. Save at least 100 EUR.

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Choosing a car

Making a smart choice on your future car? Swedbank car loan might do!

Car is a long-term investment, so it has to be well thought-through. In order to make a smart decision, study parameters such as fuel consumption and CO2 emission level. Electric cars, hybrids and gasoline fueled cars emit less CO2, but the market nowadays also offers eco-friendly renewable diesel fuels.

Buying a pre-owned car is a sustainable idea. But beforehand, do a good research on the intended car to find out its true mileage and repair history. Take a test drive to a car service and listen to the mechanic's opinion.

If you're picking a car that costs up to 20 000 euros, Swedbank's car loan is a convenient way for financing it.

Special offer: till 20.09.2020. contract fee 0 EUR. Save at least 100 EUR.

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Solar panels

Thinking about a sustainable energy source? Swedbank loan for solar panels might do!

Solar energy usage is an investment that certainly pays off, especially in the long run. Thanks to decreasing costs, solar energy has become available to many. While some still think that Estonia weather is not suited for producing solar energy, actually the amount of sunshine days in Estonia is similar to that in UK or Germany. Not to mention the fact that current technologies allow producing solar energy on cloudy days as well.

Solar panels can be set up on almost all kinds of roofs – except for the thatched ones. If the roof is not suitable for solar panels (e.g. if trees cast shadow on it), the panels can also be mounted on the ground. There are different types of panels - they vary by price, efficiency, ability to produce energy during cloudy days and other factors.

If you’re planning to install solar panels and your property is already connected to the electric grid, Swedbank’s loan for solar panels is a reasonable way for financing it.

New! Special conditions with a fixed interest rate.

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What’s good to know when borrowing?

Use product calculators to make an estimate of monthly payments suitable for you. If you want to apply for a loan, you can easily do so remotely and don’t need to come to the bank. Pay attention to what is the total cost of the credit, not only the interest rate - read the terms of the agreement carefully. Loan payments may not exceed 30-40% of your monthly income. Do you want to borrow more than 5000 euros for refurbishment of your home? Consider the option to use Swedbank’s Home Small Loan as the interest rate for it is lower. If possible, repay the loan earlier. It is free of charge and this way you will save on interest on the loan. Timely loan payments improve your chances of borrowing also in the future. If you’re struggling with loan repayment, keep in mind that you can arrange a solution with the bank or apply for grace period.
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