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Using Smart ID is the best way to log in to the Mobile Bank

You can download it here:

On average, a person checks their account balance 17 times a month. Why?

Your account balance can answer a wide variety of questions: Have I received any transfers? How much have charged on my credit card? Can I afford this purchase this month? Does my kid have enough money?

Try it out! It is so easy to check your balance on the Mobile Bank without even logging in, that some of check it as often as Facebook Messenger.

Account balance

Applying additional money on the Mobile Bank

Did you know that you can apply for a small loan from your phone? This is great solution for when you’re at the shop and need to buy something with instalment payments. Send us a short small loan application and we will reply within 20 minutes (Mon–Fri 09:00–17:00). If you wish, you can sign a contract right there.

NB! If you already have an offer at the Mobile Bank, you can sign the contract and get the money transferred to your account right away.

Small loan from your phone

All your bank cards on your phone

Lost your bank card? You can block the card right away on the Mobile Bank and swiftly activate it again, should you find the card.

Also you can switch on and off your bank card contactless payment possibility.

You’re abroad and it turns out that your current limit is not sufficient for paying the hotel bill? No problem! You can increase your limits on the Mobile Bank in just a few seconds.

Bank cards on your phone

Pay and ask for money quickly and regardless of where you are

Had lunch or shared a taxi with a friend? You can send your account number and payment info to a friend with just a few taps on the screen, so it is easy for them to pay you back.

It was your friend who paid the bill? You can transfer up to € 30 to them without even logging in.

Pay and ask for mone on yon your phone

Convenient notifications on your mobile

Mobile notifications let you know when:

  • money is received in your account;
  • your account balance decreased (including card transactions);
  • loan repayments are successfully made (or not); and
  • an e-invoice is received, paying it is unsuccessful or the payment deadline is approaching.

The notifications are free of charge. To activate them, log in to the Mobile Bank. There you can choose what sort of notifications you want and, if needed, switch them off.

Mobile notifications

Just as secure as the Internet Bank

You can adjust settings at the Mobile Bank yourself and decide whether logging in is necessary for checking your account balance and making payments. In other regards, it is just as secure as the Internet Bank. The safest and most convenient way to use the Mobile Bank is with Smart-ID.

Help your child keep track of their money

Teach your child how to use electronic money by introducing online banking solutions to them early on. Among other things, your child will get to check their balance quickly and conveniently on the Mobile Bank. You yourself will also be able to check your kid’s account balance and if necessary, transfer them money right away.

Children can start using the Mobile Bank when they have turned seven; however, this requires that you sign necessary contracts for the child at a bank branch.

Mobile bank for business corporate customers

  • You can comfortably make payments and confirm one or several prepared payments at once.
  • You can check your company´s account balance, last transactions (f.e. incoming payments) and reserved money to have an instant overview about your company´s money.
  • You can easily find the nearest bank branches or ATMs.
  • As a merchant you can connect our smart terminal with your mobile bank.

Smart terminal is a new version of payment terminal that can be connected with a smartphone or tablet and which gives you the opportunity to collect card payments from customers.

Mobile bank for business corporate customers

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