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Here you’ll find five organisations, whose representatives will describe the awesome project they would be able to bring to life with the additional funding.

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  • We will give €20,000 to the organisation that gets the most votes for conducting their project. €10,000 will be divided among the other four initiatives.

Voting is open until 29 February 2020.

Swedbank supports important social initiatives

  1. Providing the best education to every child
  1. Inspiring students with knowledge that they can’t find in textbooks
  1. Helping bring great ideas to life
  1. Maintaining a sustainable living environment

These are some of the goals that we support when contributing to the betterment of the society. We have helped to found and continue to be among the main supporters of several organisations in order to help out where help is needed the most. We want to provide €20,000 of extra funding to one initiative. Let us know which idea you think should be brought to life!


Youth to School

The resolution of all societal problems begins with education and good education relies in particular on good people. Youth to School brings inspiring leaders to schools who will teach children to love learning and who will take initiative on school-related innovations. Your support helps us offer the intense two-year Youth to School programme to another eight great leaders who will impact the lives of nearly 1,000 students and who will, after the completion of the programme, co-design the future education system of Estonia, helping all children grow up to be successful.

Instrument Fund

Historical stringed instruments only live on if there are musicians who wish to play them and listeners who wish to listen to them. The proposed Instrument Fund marathon will see talented musicians perform the music of Estonian composers in various locations across Estonia on ten historical master instruments over the course of 24 hours. The performances will be held in well-known and surprising places where the music of stringed instruments rarely rings. We will take classical music from concert halls and bring it closer to the people and organise an inspiring classical music workshop for the children and youth of the community before the concert.


Prototron is a facility of smart ideas: we help inventive people launch innovative ventures by financing the prototyping of their ideas. Prototron has currently financed 74 smart ideas to the extent of nearly 900,000 euros and over 90 percent of our teams are still in operation today. Now we wish to organise a Prototron Junior competition which will focus, in particular, on supporting the ideas of youth in schools. Thus, we contribute to raising an entrepreneurial and bold generation in Estonia, so that fierce and world-changing ideas could go from mere thoughts to execution.

Back to School

Estonian education is the best in the world, however, the changing society requires constant updating of the skills taught in schools. Financial wisdom, healthy diet and exercise habits, maintaining mental health and digital skills are only a few of the most important life skills which experienced practitioners can use to inspire children and youth. Our wish is to take the Back to School reservation system to a new level, so that teachers could involve practitioners of their field in schoolwork with only a few clicks. The enhancement of the reservation system will help bring guest lectures, study visits and job-shadowing opportunities to all students across Estonia in a faster and more user-friendly manner.

Estonian Health tracks

Exercising, healthy and happy children are our future. We will create a fun inside health track in over 50 schools or kindergartens in Estonia this year, where exercise, schoolwork and joy of playing go hand in hand and compose a natural part of any day. The track would entail fun and study-related elements located in the common area of a school or a kindergarten (e.g. hallway) which motivate children to exercise as well as teach them knew things. Children who lead a healthy lifestyle will also motivate their whole family to exercise, so we hope to later meet them also at outdoor health tracks.

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