• Prototron helps Tallinn to benefit from 3 innovative solutions

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  • Global Finance ranks Swedbank among World’s 50 Safest Banks

    Leading financial magazine Global Finance has announced its 25th annual ranking of the World’s 50 Safest Banks and for the first time Swedbank has made the list, debuting in 30th position.

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  • Purchase insurance will be automatically added to some Swedbank’s credit cards

    Dear clients

    Swedbank AS would like to let you know that as of 15.09.2016, a purchase insurance will be automatically added to Swedbank’s Instalment Credit Card, Revolving Credit Card and Revolving Gold Credit Card, according to the terms and conditions provided in the “Terms and Conditions of the Purchase Insurance of Swedbank P&C Insurance AS No. 10 for Swedbank AS Credit Cards”, which is accessible on the homepage and in the representative offices of Swedbank. Monthly fees of credit cards will not change due to added purchase insurance.

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  • Maintenance may cause disruptions in Swedbank’s electronic channels tonight

    There may be disruptions in the operations of Swedbank’s electronic channels tonight. The functioning of cards and the Internet Bank may be disrupted from 00:00 to 05:30.  We apologise for any inconvenience and advise our clients to plan their Internet Bank use and card payments in such a way that they are not affected by the maintenance.

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  • Swedbank Estonia Q2 2016 financial results

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  • Clients to see all payment options in mobile bank

    New payment transaction terms and conditions shall take effect on 18 September 2016. These updated terms and conditions will further enhance the convenience of making payments and viewing your account balance via the mobile bank app. In particular, you will find it easier to use the mobile bank for making smaller payments without logging in (Swedbank’s mobile bank app allows such payments of up to 30 euros) and for quickly viewing the account balance. Previously users would have to activate these options separately in the settings and not all clients knew about it.

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