Scheduled IT-maintenance works may cause disruptions in Swedbank's channels in the early morning of August 6th

In connection with the scheduled IT-maintenance work, short-term disturbances in Swedbank's electronic channels may occur on the night before Thursday (August 6).

In the early morning, short-term interruptions may occur between 00:00 am and 4:30 am in Internet bank, bank cards, and ATMs work.

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Amendments to the terms and conditions for providing investment services shall enter into force on the 3rd of September 2020.

The amendments bring the Conditions in accordance with the Second Shareholder Rights Directive and its implementing acts. The main changes concern provision of information on corporate actions. In addition, other minor adjustments have been made to the Conditions.

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Price list of Swedbank AS is subject to change as of 1 October

Banking, just like any other business, requires that service prices be reviewed now and then, so that they can be adjusted to the market situation and aligned with the cost of providing a service or product. The last broader price adjustment in Swedbank took place in 2015.

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Swedbank AS Q2 2020 financial results

  • Demand for financing decreased due to COVID-19, credit quality remains high
  • We continue to support customers and wider public affected by COVID-19
  • Remote onboarding was launched together with other innovations to improve customer digital experience

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Swedbank opened a new branch in Pärnu

Swedbank opened a new branch in Pärnu today. The new bank branch is located on 16 Pikk street and has 75 employees servicing customers. All employees working at Aida 5 were relocated to the Pikk street and the Aida branch was closed down. The ATMs from the Aida branch have also been set up at the new branch on Pikk street.

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You can now open an account at Swedbank without visiting a bank branch

As of 18 June, Swedbank launches a solution for opening a bank account without the need to visit a bank branch. All the necessary operations can be conducted via digital channels.

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