• The donation environment “I Love to help”, which has collected 1.3 millions worth of donations, awaits new members

    Non-governmental organisations that aim to improve life in Estonia can apply to the donation environment “I Love to Help”, which brings together various charitable organisations, until February 6.
    Applications are evaluated based on the content, activities, expected results, impact and communication activities of a candidate project. More information about joining the donation environment can be found on its website

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  • Processing of payments during the holiday season

    Domestic settlements
    Payments made on 23 December after 4:00 PM in bank office or 4:30 PM in electronical bank channel and from 24 to 26 December are sent to the payee's bank on 27 December. Payments made on 30 December after 4:00 PM in bank office or 4:30 PM in electronical bank channel and on 31 December to 01 January are sent to the payee's bank on 2 January.

    Intrabank payments are processed as usual.

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  • Prototron’s record: 6 teams receive a total amount of 44 000 EUR

    The autumn round of Prototron applications has ended in October – and the participating teams presented really innovative ideas. On Friday, December 9, the winners were announced. This time, 6 teams were awarded a record-breaking sum in total amount – 44 000 EUR.

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  • The public offering of additional Baltic Horizon Fund units

    To participate in this offer the securities transfer order (subscription order) shall be submitted. Subscription orders can be placed during the offering period from 08.11.2016 10:00 until 30.11.2016 13:00. Swedbank AS accepts subscription orders until 30.11.2016 13:00 the latest.

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  • Swedbank Estonia Q3 2016 financial results

    • Lending portfolio growth supported by rising investment activity in corporate sector
    • Improving customer convenience by launching new digital solutions
    • Focus on sustainability and promoting long term savings

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  • Prototron helps Tallinn to benefit from 3 innovative solutions

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