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Traderoom is suitable for businesses that enter into currency transactions and need means for management and optimisation of currency risks. Also, Traderoom is a tool for liquidity management of businesses. In addition to the facilities available in Traderoom, the Traderoom user agreement allows for entry into transactions with all other financial instruments via Swedbank Markets: currency options, commodity and interest rate related products, etc.

General info:

Open workdays 8.30-17.00

User rights in the Traderoom menu

  • information - in addition to overviews and news of currency and money markets, the user can also view currency indications of all currency pairs traded in Traderoom as well as forward points and deposit interest
  • transactions - conclusion of forward, swap and spot transactions and entry into deposit contracts
  • reports - reports on pending and processed transactions.

Minimum transaction amounts

  • currency conversion, no minimum amount
  • forwards/swaps 5,000 EUR
  • term deposit 10,000 EUR
  • overnight deposit 60,000 EUR

Options offered by Traderoom

  • Foreign exchange trading and hedging FX related risks (conversion on an account, spot, forward, swap)
  • Foreign exchange rates change in real time and are based on market rates
  • Currency transactions have no minimum amount, i.e. lower rates also apply to smaller amounts
  • Investment of available assets in term deposits, incl. overnight deposit
  • News and comments on macroeconomics, currency and money markets, Swedbank’s global and local economic analyses
  • Through Traderoom you can get reports on all the aforementioned transactions, establishing the parameters of the query yourself
  • Real-time information about currency rates, interest rates and historic graphs of currency rates

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How to become a customer

  • If you are using the corporate Internet bank, we will activate the Traderoom menu for you after you have signed the Financial Transactions Master Agreement (along with the Traderoom annex). No service fees are charged for entry into the agreements
  • In order to enter into respective agreements contact your client executive or Swedbank Markets, phone 613 1651.

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