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Traderoom is suitable for businesses frequently performing large-scale currency transactions (yearly volume exceeds eur 200,000) and who need means to manage currency risks. If you are using the Internet Bank, we will activate the Traderoom menu for you after you have signed the Financial Transactions Master Agreement. No service fees are charged for entry into the agreement. In order to enter into respective agreement please contact your client executive or Swedbank Markets.

General information about Traderoom:

  • Open workdays 8.30-17.00
  • Accessible via Internet Bank
  • User access profiles (info or transactions)
  • Real-time FX rate quotes
  • Transaction-based pricing
  • FX Forwards and FX Swaps for currency risk hedging
  • Major currency pairs and cross currency rates (EUE/SEK, USD/RUB, NOK/SEK etc.)
  • Transaction reports and queries.

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