Research and market updates

In order to help you make informed decisions in financial markets we provide you with information describing risk hedging products as well as the recent developments in currency and interest rate markets.

LEI code – Important!

In order to conclude deals with financial instruments, legal entities will need a LEI code

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Foreign Exchange products and solutions

Businesses whose receivables or payables are denominated in foreign currencies constantly face the risk from fluctuating value of their cash flows.

Interest rate products and solutions

Businesses managing free cash flows or servicing credit obligations are exposed to the interest rate risk. Interest rates fluctuations might result in either bigger interest rate expenses for debtors or decreased interest return to creditors.

Commodity products and solutions

Businesses whose production input or output costs depend on prices of raw materials face potential losses due to the changes in commodity values on international markets.


Traderoom is an electronic platform for businesses managing daily liquidity and transacting in foreign exchange. The platform is a tool equally suitable for corporate clients who either occasionally exchange large amounts of foreign currency or make large number of small transactions regularly.

Reports and overviews

  • FX Weekly Market Letter

    The letter provides information about key events and developments around the foreign exchange market. FX Weekly Market Letter is published every Monday.

  • ECB Preview & ECB Update

    The day before European Central Bank meeting on interest rates, we give an overview of markets expectations and interest rate forecast. The report is followed-up next day with a summary of meeting outcome and its possible effect on markets

  • Emerging Markets

    Quarterly publication describing recent developments and outlook for the Emerging Markets currencies.

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